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The role of Rust, WebAssembly (Wasm) and Cosmos WebAssembly (CosmWasm) in the Cudos chain.

The role of Rust, WebAssembly (Wasm) and Cosmos WebAssembly (CosmWasm) in the Cudos chain.


In our previous article, we introduced Cudos as a VIABLE TOOL TO SOLVING BLOCKCHAIN’S ISSUE OF SCALABILITY AND INTEROPERABILITY, where we talked about: the BFT consensus and its role in powering the Tendermint Core engine, which acts as the blockchain’s consensus engine; the need for establishing Cudos node; validator and delegator as a tool to aid the operability of DAO, as well as the basics of setting up a Cudos account either by setting up a private key or public key, and many other related issues. In this article, we’ll talk in detail about the role of Rust, WebAssembly (Wasm) and Cosmos WebAssembly (CosmWasm) in the Cudos chain.

With the intention of making decentralized computation accessible on-chain, Cudos is a layer-1 Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) blockchain. Consensus and execution are kept apart by the Cudos network’s architecture to offer large-scale, safe, decentralized, and permission-free access to high-performance computing. The entire blockchain ecosystem may be reached through Cudos. The Cosmos Ecosystem uses the Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol to enable seamless transfer of tokens, assets, NFTs, and data to and from other blockchains.

Cudos Network enables the creation of smart contracts that compile to Wasm through CosmWasm, a smart contract platform developed for the Cosmos ecosystem (of which Cudos is a component). There are several tools available to get Rust developers up and going, including developer SDKs like Cudos Blast and a fully complete testnet.

Rust is the ideal programming language for most of the blockchain industry. Programming in Rust is safe, concurrent and memory conserving, and it is statically typed for performance and safety.

Similar to C++, it has syntax. It was initially a Mozilla Research open-source project. It was created in 2010 by Graydon Hoare and has since become a well-known language for building safe and quick apps. Many reputable businesses have adopted it, including Toyota, Discord, 1Password, and Dropbox.

Rust offers (among others) low costs and nearly immediate transaction finality, allowing developers to build extremely scalable Dapps. Rust shines in all of the (most common) high-performance, multi-platform situations where security cannot be an afterthought.

The Cudos Network leverages CosmWasm as a platform for creating smart contracts and the supporting chain architecture. Rust is used to create these smart contracts.

Similarly, the Rust toolchain is needed for the creation of smart contracts. By utilizing already-existing technologies like WebAssembly, Rust design principles and reduce the risks associated with smart contracts (wasm).

The WebAssembly Technology
Being stack-based, CPU and OS independent, WebAssembly is a tiny, quick, effective, and very secure virtual computer. It is intended to run portable bytecode that has been generated from code at speeds that are close to native. It can operate in any setting because it is in a sandbox. There is considerable and developing support for the WASM programming language.

The overall role of the Cosmos WebAssembly tool
The CosmWasm is a secure multi-chain smart contract engine built for the Cosmos ecosystem by a team of developers at Confio. It is is the Cosmos (Cosm) way of using WebAssembly (Wasm), hence the name.

CosmWasm offers its users a wealth of benefits, and supports product scalability. These benefits include improved security, decreased carbon emissions, quicker transactions, and cross-chain interoperability for the creation of decentralized applications.

Additionally, it provides greater flexibility, because you can update your smart contracts without updating the entire blockchain, which reduces major overheads.

CosmWasm offers API and library capabilities including address verification and more sophisticated storage objects. These lets you create robust smart contracts.

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