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Thank You — My Readers and Supporters!

Thank You — My Readers and Supporters!


A Big “Thank You” To My Readers and Supporters on My One Year Anniversary!

Today marks my One Year Anniversary as a content creator on Medium!

I want to take this opportunity to Thank All my Readers and Donors for your kind support and encouragement! I truly appreciate you and the attention you have afforded me during this past year.

Image Courtesy of Alexandra Koch, Pixabay

During the last three months, my Medium account has grown tremendously. So last night, I received an intuitive message asking me to write an article Thanking My Readers and Supporters! As I started this piece, I decided to page down on my stories catalog only to be surprised that my first article on Medium was published exactly a year ago, today!

The story, entitled: The Metaphysics of Art, remains one of my most favorite pieces. It is the cornerstone of my work. It looks at the word “Art” from a spiritual perspective, while identifying the “Forces of Nature” underpinning the Mantra that is Art — the Word.

Unknown to me at the time, the metaphysical analysis presented in this piece would go on to influence all my work, especially my articles on Bitcoin, Luna Classic, and the very spiritual act of writing itself.

However, I must confess that without your encouragement, I would’ve given up the idea of writing for this publication. As you began to subscribe and follow my work, I was deeply moved to continue on the path.

Today, I am delighted with my entire Catalog on Medium, having written 110 articles in the past year. Honestly, I have no idea where these stories came from!

I must also say that, at first, I was very skeptical of monetizing my work, fearing that it would detract from the Principles of my spiritual practice. Again, your encouragement and readership convinced me that it was OK to earn a living sharing my Ideas and Wisdom with the world.

This has been a year of challenges and spiritual transformations. I Am delighted to have all of you as companions along this journey. And, because of your kindness and appreciation, I Am better prepared to face the — unknown — act of writing!

Thank YOU!


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