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How to make $1million in web3 without losing your savings

How to make $1million in web3 without losing your savings


For every cent made in web3 , an equivalent cent was lost.

One of the ways to make money from web3 now as an investor is to buy what others sold, and sell at profit or loss.

So, when I am buying, someone is making money and I am losing money at that point with the hope of a future gain!

For every dollar I gave out, someone is taking it.

The issue is, I could buy a project that becomes useless just after my purchase. I could buy or mint a rug; and my money is gone with the warm evening breeze.

And I am left with some worthless pictures , a transaction receipt that shows me how foolish I had been every time I see them.

Still on the issue of foolishness,

What is with this web3 generation and substance abuse?

Hardly will you see a young web3 fella who doesn’t pop or puff! Is that an entry requirement or something? I will get back to this.

Before then I need to buy or mint an NFT, then sell it at a higher price.

So how does the price of pictures rise?

By the utility the founders give to the NFT. Utilities like allow list, raffle draws, ticket to events in real life and in meta verse, royalties from secondary sales, staking and so on.

These give the NFT its value; but these are no longer worthy because every project is offering them now! Because founders just want to cash out quickly and take off.

Are we even addressing the increasing rate of scam among whites; who come up with NFT projects, mint and take off with community liquidity? Or is it that when it is done by blacks it’s a scam but when done by white, it’s a failed business?

I have an idea, but let me tell you how to make money first before telling you how to keep it!

There are people out there ready to rob you of your money under the guise web3 bla bla bla. You should not allow them to do that!

How will you prevent that?

By Looking at projects in a different way!

What you were buying before is FOMO and FUD deliberately infused by founders who paid influencers to make noise and get people in.

My guys in DeFi know this, you join a project early when the market cap is low, some influencers start hyping the token and more people start buying. Then suddenly, everything goes back to zero on you and then post orgasm clarity sets in on you! You have been rugged.

To prevent this in NFT, look towards projects that have real life utility. Lots of them are coming up these days and we popularly call them DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). More about DAOs later.

These DAOs offers services that are in web2 on web3 platform, these include:

Dtravel: is the future of travel and accommodation on web3. If you have ever used Airbnb; this is the future of travel. Airbnb charges you to use the platform and charges the owner of the property.

That tiny fraction is what made them what they are today. Imagine people get the whole of what they are entitled to, that is what Dtravel is doing

Opolis: is the future of work. Many do not want to leave the web2 work setting because of incentives like insurance, pension, allowances etc. Opolis is bringing those benefits to web3 workers whether you are a founder or a staff member.

SINSO: is the future of data! Decentralized cloud storage for your records will give you control over your data and what you can do with them. Google or Facebook won’t be Messing with your data anymore

Opus-labs: is an incubator that brings web2 brand to web3. They are more focused on the music industry but have planned to onboard other industries through their platform.

These are the types of projects you should look to buy into. Because they solve a real life issue, they will forever be in demand which means their stock will always rise, and so will your pockets.

But, why do you have to pop and puff with your gains from web3? I know if you are really lucky with a project, you can make some insane gains, but should money make you pop those things?

Your kidney, liver and lungs are some quite expensive shit that money cannot even fix at times. If you must pop, you should probably buy a kidney and keep in your freezer should you need them later.

For some it is peer pressure, for some it is curiosity, others look towards them for inspiration. For whatever your reasons are, make a lot of money and make sure you stay around to enjoy it.

Give me a clap.

Thank you

Dtravel: https://twitter.com/DtravelDAO?t=_rLkdt2zzFr_ydg4QxGu1A&s=09

SINSO: https://twitter.com/sinsonetwork?t=NSrhIgFIaU_BvellcX50WA&s=09

Opolis https://twitter.com/opolis?t=YbZZlMnvP1fD5UNZFc4z4w&s=09

Opus-labs: https://twitter.com/OpusLabsHQ?t=XELCkoJ4bMef4UHW55p2uw&s=09

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