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By akohad Oct14,2022


Imperium enters a new stage in its development, laying down new milestones that are clearer and more aligned to the company’s business strategy and to the overall current landscape of the crypto space.

This week’s article comes with a description of the summarized Roadmap we exposed last week.

As you can see, it is divided into two sections: the Business Roadmap and the Technical Roadmap. Let’s see why this is.

A business is a complex organism, that has many functions. While its primary one is to deliver a useful, valuable product to its customers, the other one is making a profit.

Thus, in the endeavor of developing a startup, a company must take in consideration both directions and take actions that build on both simultaneously. The same applies with crypto-based businesses.

Therefore, Imperium divided its attention and efforts in two, creating a business roadmap and a technical one that work in parallel.

The business roadmap is the representation of the business plan on a time axis, transposing goals into actionable and achievable steps. It shows all the important milestones the project goes through: funding stages, partnerships, product launches, exchange listings, marketing campaigns, community growth, and all things that have a role to play in accomplishing the business objectives.

The technical roadmap is the timeline of proposed technical development. It includes the development and upgrade of the products and blockchain infrastructure, the implementation of new technologies etc.

This week we will first discuss Imperium’s Business Roadmap. So, before we start, let’s see again the main points we will focus on during the next quarters:

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Seed Funding Round

Imperium is still in its early development stage, but the project grew a lot until now.

The project developed a proof-of-concept and MVP, obtained a crypto authorization, and hired a whole team in order to build the web platform, to code the smart contracts, to create content and to grow its presence in the social media, to audit the company financially and legally. Furthermore, Imperium was represented locally and internationally at relevant cryptocurrency conferences.

All these take money, of course, and with a lot of development to be made further, as we will explain in this article, funding is vital.

In this quarter, Imperium will be focusing on connecting with private investors, in order to raise the money needed to push the project forward.

This first round of private investment will help the company sustain its expansion, as a lot of new costs will arise (paid marketing campaigns, team growth, web, infrastructure and blockchain development, certifications & audits etc).

Imperium DeFi Index — Community Contest

“Imperium DeFi Index” is the company’s new investment product, being the first of Imperium’s Sectoral Indices. It is consisted of a selection of 25 of the top cryptocurrencies in the DeFi industry.

The index is constructed and managed based on a specific methodology and it is divided into several categories, based on project size:

  • Stars — 10 projects, places 1 to 10
  • Rising Stars — 3 projects, places 11 to 13
  • Reliable — 3 projects, places 14 to 16
  • Promising — 3 projects, places 17 to 19
  • Emerging — 6 projects, places 20 to 25

While the projects in the first 4 categories are exclusively picked by Imperium’s team, for the Emerging Category, most of the inclusion decision is made through a Community Contest involving social interactions and votes.

Private Funding Round

A second round of private investments takes place to gather supplementary funding from smaller institutional investors in order to support Imperium’s cashflow until the breakeven point.

Public Sale Marketing Campaign

A big marketing campaign will be deployed to promote the upcoming Public Sale of LEX Token. It will be consisted of targeted banners on profile websites and listings on ICO platforms.

LEX’s TGE (Token Generation Event)

LEX Token will officially be born at the Token Generation Event. The total supply of 31,736,917 tokens will be minted on the blockchain and the coins will be transferred to investors and used for further sale events and other allocation.

Public Sale

LEX Token’s Public Sale will be conducted through an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on a Tier 1 crypto launchpad. The chosen launchpad will be announced prior to the Sale.

While the process of getting whitelisted for the IDO can variate depending on the launchpad, generally a draw is made from all the addresses that applied for the whitelist.

Each address can have one or more chances in the draw, depending on factors such as the amount of the native tokens or Liquidity Providing tokens held.

Following the draw, a certain number of addresses are given a whitelist ticket (only one ticket per address), corresponding to a fix amount of LEX that can be bought.

DEX listing

Following the IDO, LEX Token will also be listed on a Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum and be included in a liquidity pool in order to allow users to buy/swap it seamlessly with other assets, in a permissionless manner.

This will allow even more small investors to buy the LEX Token and benefit from Imperium’s ecosystem.

CEX listing

A key step on the way of LEX adoption is giving it to the masses. Thus, LEX will also be listed on a Tier 1 Centralized Exchange, increasing exponentially LEX’s exposure in the crypto market.

Liquidity Pool

A LEX-USDC Liquidity Pool will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain and allow holders to engage in liquidity providing.

Liquidity providers will benefit from two types of rewards.

First, they will be rewarded with a fraction of the fees charged for the transactions on the liquidity pool, equivalent to the amount of liquidity they supplied.

Secondly, they will receive a certain amount of LEX, also relative to their share in the pool. Thus, even more the holders are incentivized into participating in liquidity providing, increasing the liquidity and price stability of the token.

Imperium Top Indices Launch

Concomitantly with LEX’s Public Sale, Imperium’s main products will be launched to the public.

The Top Crypto Indices, IM10, IM20 and IM50 and the Top Altcoins Indices, IM10alt, IM20alt and IM50alt will be made available on Imperium’s platform for anyone to invest in.

Thus, investors will be able to benefit from an easy-to-use automated investment tool, powered by a powerful algorithm, that provides simplicity, security, ownership, and permanent exposure to the top cryptocurrencies, based on their market capitalization.

This milestone marks the beginning of Imperium’s story.

Investor Reward Program

Imperium’s investors are at the heart of our ecosystem. Thus, we will make sure that they are satisfied with their involvement in Imperium. Each investor in the indices will receive additional rewards through our Investor Reward Program.

Referral Program

As part of our growth strategy, users will be incentivized to bring new investors to the platform and receive rewards based on their recommendations.

TRON DEX Listing

LEX’s future is multi-chain. Further development will allow users to trade and transfer the token on multiple EVM compatible blockchains.

In this sense, the Imperium dashboard will feature multi-chain wallets and improved security to ensure transactions happen safely and seamlessly.

LEX’s cross-chain integration will start with its listing on a DEX on the TRON blockchain.

TRON is our second option, after Ethereum, because of its low-fee ecosystem and great adoption between crypto users, having more daily active addresses than Ethereum.

LEX Token Staking

Imperium’s ecosystem will also feature a staking mechanism, allowing holders to stake their LEX in order to receive attractive rewards, especially for early stakers that will benefit from higher APYs.

Imperium DeFi Index — Official Launch

Our new product, the Imperium DeFi Index, will launch and DeFi fans will be able to invest in 25 of the top Decentralized Finance projects, all at once.

Using our index, investors will be at ease as they will not need to perform a complex due diligence, as this is covered rigorously by Imperium’s team during the inclusion evaluation of the projects selected.

BSC DEX listing

LEX Token will get listed also on a Binance Smart Chain DEX. The blockchain has seen increase popularity with the launch of many projects over the years on its multiple launchpads and of course, as one of the main blockchains in the infrastructure of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, launching on a BSC DEX is the next best option.

Additional CEX Listing

LEX token will be listed on other Tier 1 Centralized Exchanges as part of Imperium’s goal to make LEX available for every crypto user. We know that Imperium devoted fans will be there wherever we are, but for the rest, we will make all the necessary steps to make the process of investing in LEX easier and accessible.

FTM DEX Listing

LEX will be listed on a DEX on Fantom, as it is one of the fastest, most secure, and scalable blockchains out there, being EVM compatible. It will be our next blockchain of choice in our pursuit to make LEX a multi-chain token.

Imperium Metaverse Index Launch

After the DeFi sector, Imperium is looking at the Metaverse universe as it has gathered a lot of mainstream attention during 2021.

Thus, the company will develop and launch a new sectoral index, the “Imperium Metaverse Index”, composed of some of the most thrilling and exciting projects out there. The index methodology will be similar to the DeFi Index, assuring the same level of profit potential and risk analysis.

We believe in the power of this novel technology and think that it will change the world “as we see it”, onboarding new users in the space, that are not necessarily interested in financial products or even crypto to begin with.

FIAT On/Off Ramp providers integration

The integration of FIAT payment providers in Imperium’s platform will allow users to buy LEX directly with the swipe of a credit card or sell it for FIAT currencies to withdraw it in their bank account.

It will also be the case for the Imperium Indices, as investors will be able to instantly cash in or cash out their investments using FIAT.

The simplicity and accessibility of the process will push adoption forward, being a huge step for Imperium in the sense of user growth, as it will further encourage a lot of non-crypto investors to join the crypto wagon.

Polygon DEX Listing

Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that enabling the creation of scalable dApps with low transaction fees, without sacrificing on security. It has seen increased popularity in the last couple of years and will be the next blockchain on which LEX will be traded using a Decentralized Exchange.

Imperium Tailor-Made On-Demand Indices Launch

Yet another investment product by Imperium is the Tailor-Made Indices.

After facilitating the investment in the best projects in the crypto market, with Imperium Top Indices, and then offering niche asset-baskets vetted by our team, with our Imperium Sectoral Indices, Imperium wants to give back the power to its users, allowing them to make their own custom crypto index!

This will give investors freedom of choosing their own investment strategies, based on their risk & reward appetite, and their preferred assets. With the Tailor-Made Indices, imagination is the only limit, and the set-up of your own personal index is at one click away.

Solana DEX Listing

LEX Token will be tradeable also on a DEX on the Solana blockchain, in order to reach its fans. Yet another “Ethereum killer”, Solana is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Their fast, low-cost, scalable blockchain has seen a lot of development and adoption in recent years.

Additional Sectoral Indices

As Imperium develops further, other Sectoral Indices will be launched on niche industries such as gaming, green technology, SocialFi etc.

DEX listings on additional EVM compatible blockchains

LEX will continue to launch on other EVM compatible blockchains in Imperium’s efforts of scaling the ecosystem and grow its user base, making LEX accessible to every crypto investor out there.


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