Could this be the next Bitcoin?

By akohad Dec28,2022


Could this be the next Bitcoin?


I have seen this question in headlines, e-mails, and articles for the past two years. The answer is NO! And here’s why.


The moonshots (increases over 1,000%) of earlier cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin being the first — happened when the global economy was functionally working. Investors had discretionary money to invest with. The risk-takers saw the potential in cryptocurrency and acted early.

Everything changed in 2020. The COVID crisis put the world into lockdown, crushing global economies and drying up investment funds.

Since 2020, there has been splashes-in-the pan of investment activity but no sustained growth. A bear market roared in, creating a persistent Siberian winter. Although signs of thawing can be found, it has yet to relinquish its grip on virtually all markets.

Because of global economic uncertainty, moonshots are not on the radar.


Bitcoin is the crypto gold standard. The advances in blockchain technology have opened up a vast array of creative opportunities. These opportunities will lend themselves to something other than the coins being a commodity-based (like Bitcoin) investment. In other words, there will not be another Bitcoin.

I understand what is implied by “the next Bitcoin” as the moonshot in the coin’s value.

It’s all about marketing

For the most part, everything I have seen that is tagged, “could this be the next Bitcoin,” is associated with a marketing effort to buy a specific tracking program or follow someone using a tracking program.

The allure is to appeal to your senses to be the first to discover the next moonshot by using the latest or best (whatever) program or method to spot the next upcoming crypto project.

I have said throughout 2022 that there is enough profit to be made in the cryptoverse without slick emotion-based marketing campaiUsingusing a more upfront approach like this program can help you uncover the next big crypto coin, or follow me as I use my time-tested program to discover the next big crypto project.

Businesses are in business to make a profit. It is the cornerstone of capitalism and has made America great. The cryptoverse is the same. However, use good marketing techniques because everyday people can handle the truth.

The cryptoverse is here to stay, and it could be for you. Follow along as I learn; maybe you will learn, and perhaps we can explore the cryptoverse.

Disclaimer: I am an avid student of all things crypto. The cryptoverse caught my attention when COVID-19 captured the world and locked down the global economy. Since then, I have dedicated a portion of my time to learning about this currency — the currency of the future — and international business. As a writer, I have determined to journal my discoveries. I have chosen to write them in short, bite-sized articles to help anyone interested in learning about this space. These articles are not written in cryptoese or investments but are easy-to-understand articles. I am not offering advice, simply the information I discovered on my unexpected journey into the cryptoverse. There could be something for the seasoned investor to glean from reading, but my focus is on the crypto-curious.


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