10 Alternative Books To Read For 2023 📚

By akohad Dec27,2022


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Mans Search for Meaning is a book by Viktor Frankl that explores his experiences in a Nazi concentration camp and details his response to the meaninglessness of life. He ultimately concludes that human beings are capable of finding meaning in their lives through enduring suffering, embracing their highest values, and dedicating themselves to something larger than themselves.

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This book talks about the future (in 2041) of what Artificial Intelligence can become, and will most likely become in the coming years. I want to put this at the top of my list because we’ve seen ChatGPT take over the world in December and we can expect soooo much more AI to appear mainstream in the coming year so it’s best to get a sample of what this AI consumption may lead to.

The Trap is a book by David Icke in which he outlines his views on global politics and the ways in which people’s freedoms are being threatened by powerful forces. He believes that the world is being run by an interconnected network of corporations, governments, and secret societies that hide in the shadows, controlling and manipulating humanity… This makes my list because the sheeple NEED to wake up now. Get spiritual and the truth shall follow.

Walden Two is a novel by B.F. Skinner which follows a professor, Burris, and his students as they visit a utopian society built by a visionary called Frazier, where an egalitarian lifestyle and a unique social engineering method focuses on maximizing human potential and happiness. Its philosophical musings and experiments on how to achieve a better social system has made it an iconic and influential work of utopian literature.

This book is superrrrr important for thinking outside the norm on ways of living and getting back to our tribal living roots in a modern age

“Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispensa is an exploration of how to utilize ancient and modern practices to access higher levels of consciousness, leading to greater physical and psychological health, spiritual growth and personal transformation. Through his unique blend of modern science and ancient wisdom, Dr. Dispensa offers a powerful roadmap for connecting with one’s higher self and using it to access true inner power.

This book is super important because it teaches people to truly KNOW that the power to heal themselves comes from within and starts with your thoughts and believefs.

Out of Your Mind explores ideas such as being present with the moment and understanding our relationship to the universe, drawing on Eastern philosophy and religion to help us gain insight into our lives and find a greater sense of meaning. It encourages us to reflect, to deeply think about our current life and helps us to shift our perspective to live with less stress, more purpose, and more joy.

Alan Watts is hands down my favorite human to listen to and lear the workings of nature, the universe, and humanity in his philosophical speeches designed to entertain and provoke thoughts within oneself.

The Pilgrimage is a book by Paulo Coelho which follows the story of a spiritual journey undertaken by a man as he follows a path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment in a quest to unlock the mysteries of life. Along the way, he learns important lessons on courage, perseverance, and the importance of following one’s own truth.

My favorite author, Paulo Coelho, wrote this masterpiece to help those on the search for meaning. It’s not about seeking your gold, it’s about what you will do once you’ve found it.

For a New Liberty is Murray N. Rothbard’s manifesto advocating the rejection of the state and government in favor of a laissez-faire, property-based society based on libertarian principles of self-ownership and voluntary cooperation. He argues that the only legitimate authority of government is the protection of individual rights, and that society would be better off leaving people alone and allowing them to follow their own voluntary pursuits.

This book is for those wanting to question the authority of the state (government) and to prove to oneself that you don’t need ruling over

“Never Finished” by David Goggins is a book about pushing past physical and mental boundaries and transforming yourself into the person you always wanted to be. It’s a powerful story about never giving up and conquering adversity.

This man is a hero and huge inspiration to me looking at his past, the hardships he’s gone through, and the perservierence he’s overcome to become the toughest man in the world

The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth by M. Doreal is an ancient text composed of twelve tablets dedicated to the philosophical and spiritual teachings of Thoth, the Atlantean God of Wisdom. It provides insight into the power of the universe, past civilizations and the spiritual ascension of humans.

This book is only for the “WoKe” souls and for the true seekers of wisdom. For if a lower vibration human reads this, the words will just go over his/her head, but for the philosopher, it should hit home. Read this 100 times to truly unlock the potential laid in this book





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