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Samsung Leader Jay Y. Lee Granted Presidential Pardon.

I found someone more important than an entire nation

“Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee will receive a presidential pardon, South Korea’s Ministry of Justice said, paving the way for the heir to the country’s biggest company to regain power at the top.”

Did you drop your cup yet?

With all the crypto news and markets tumbling, you probably don’t remember, so let me refresh your memory.

Couple of years back, there was a huge scandal involving the South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye Handed 24-Year Jail Sentence For Corruption.

As the first female president of South Korean, she set a few records and firsts.

She was the first female head of state in East Asia ever.

She was also the first president in Asia to get impeached while in office.

In 2018, she was sentenced to 30 then 20 years in jail and fined 18B won for corruption and abuse of power.

That didn’t last too long either, she was pardoned and released on compassionate grounds in 2021.

Surprisingly, for such an orderly and generally law-abiding nation, South Korea has long history of corrupt politicians, bad eggs in government and law-breaking leaders.

That massive scandal involved Jay, who was caught bribing Park.


The heir to the largest, most powerful company in South Korea gifting stuff to the President of South Korea.

How are we to believe such things won’t or can’t happen?

Ain’t it the norm?

As of October 2022 Samsung has a market cap of $261.24 Billion. This makes Samsung the world’s 28th most valuable company by market cap.

Apparently Jay was so important to South Korea, they literally gave him a presidential pardon, took him out of jail, erased all criminal records, gave him the reins to Samsung back (and also the entire nation if we are being honest) and left everyone speechless in the process.

So the semiconductor industry is underwater now due to supply shortages, Covid, inflation and whatnot.

Sad, but really, who isn’t suffering?

I mean, from a convicted criminal humiliated in front of the entire nation, to literally given back the reins to one of the largest firms in history and making the president soft-beg for him to come back too.

How much of a flex is that?

Can one person really be so important to a country?

I mean, even if he really is that vital to a nation’s survival, does it warrant a presidential pardon?

Can’t we just take him out of jail for a few months and put him back when the situation is resolved?

Can’t he consult for Samsung virtually from jail, since working from home is all the rage now?

The current president, Yoon Suk-yeol, a former Prosecutor General and member of the conservative People Power Party, assumed office on 10 May 2022.

Is this unfair practices that goes all the way to the very top echelon of South Korea’s society or just that Jay is a holier-than-thou figure that is absolutely critical to the nation’s survival?

Either way, it is a miserable situation.

It reflects badly on South Korea as a nation and how much reliance they are placing on one person.

I try to be objective in everything I do, but I don’t quite see the justice and upside for anyone except Jay.

Is there a positive side to this I am missing?

Nobody should be above the law.

Or am I wrong?

Should Jay Y Lee, the grandson of Samsung’s founder, be pardoned?

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