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By akohad Oct16,2022


The definition of Marketing, taken directly from Merriam-Webster online dictionary states:

“Definition of Marketing:

1 a: the act or process of selling or purchasing in a market.

b: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.

2: an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer.”

Now, what does this mean in simple terms? Marketing is everything that goes into a product or service. Colors, logos, lingo/wordage, shapes, “vibe”, team, product/service itself…

As a marketer, our job is to typically help a company sell a product or service and there are many ways to go about this, depending on the product or service, KPI’s (key performance indicators), and the mission of the company.

The marketing playbook is different for each individual company and varies greatly, but a basic rule of thumb for a company to have good marketing is to find your target audience, spend all of your time where they are developing friends/community, and to solve the problems that OUR community has.

Let’s say we are an alternative health company focusing on energy healing, crystals, and natural treatments. Whatever company you have, level it down to your ideal customer… who you expect to buy your product/service… and cater to those people.

For our brick & mortar alt. health company, let’s name it Orionlion, we expect the people who should be interested in our products and services to be anyone looking to heal themselves naturally. These people probably prefer organic food, maybe practice yoga, like to travel, are empathetic, and may have a surplus of income, comparatively.

With all that knowledge of our potential customers, we can now begin to develop our brand around this.

We should have a slightly higher price point for our products and services, our “vibe” should be peaceful, healthy, and empowering, our colors should be light/soft and vitalizing, our workers should be healthy, kind, and helpful. We should be utilizing social media, attending “organic” fairs, farmer’s markets, and practice live demonstrations.

A good marketing objective for Orionlion should be to “say HI to everyone in our community at least once”. It’s simple, become a friendly face around the community. Word will spread.

Be consistent, think outside the box, work hard, sell high-value products/services, and be friendly.


In another example, let’s say we are an NFT project called “Harry Otters” and this is a PFP meme project based on Harry Potter.

We need an artist, a smart contract/tech person, and a way to reach as many NFT people and Harry Potter lovers as possible.

We want the art to be small, cute, funny, characters from HP who are transformed into otters… We also want to the art to be randomly generated so we need the artist to have knowledge of creating layered art and how to generate art through code (maybe tech person can help too).

MOST NFT projects that tend to have good outcomes utilize marketing to the maximum. It’s been said that NFT projects are almost all about having good marketing.

Most NFT projects expect to launch within 3–6mo after idea. This doesn’t have to be the case though. We can spend a year or more simply developing a community and audience to have our grand launch to.

This means you’ll need to build a dedicated community, and community = communication + time… So the more consistently you speak to your community, build their trust, establish friendships, and “rituals” where your community gets together to solve a common problem or enjoy time together, is crucial for a good launch.

Since NFT’s are basically all digital, all our marketing should also be digital. If you DO have an IRL NFT project, you can branch out and do IRL marketing as well, but for now we’ll stick to digital marketing.

This means we should focus on 1–2 social media platforms and really plant our pillars there. Maybe we choose Discord and TikTok, supplementing with YouTube and IG…

We can make short videos about reviews and commentary of all the Harry Potter films, edit/clip them to put into TikToks, IG reels, and YT shorts and have backlinks forwarding the potential customers to our Discord and other socials.

The best, cheapest, easiest form of marketing nowadays is CONTENT. the more, and higher value, content you put out, the more eyes you may receive for your project.

Hype up for the last week before launch and the week after launch, then execute on your plans POST mint…. See my other articles about launching a NFT project for a more detailed launch…




If you’re the best engineer in the world but haven’t a clue as to market yourself or your work, you’ll either have to hire someone else to do that, or run the risk of never get noticed…

If you know the basics of marketing, you can promote yourself and your work, potentially earning you clients and making a more prosperous life for yourself.

If you’re starting from the bottom, bootstrapping it, and you don’t have money to hire a marketing expert/team, you will need to be able to share your product/service to your target audience somehow and the more you know about marketing yourself, the easier it will be when first starting out.

Producing content has been the best way for bootstrapping business people to utilize marketing over the past decade or more but of course, there is much competition nowadays… This means you should provide the maximum amount of value in your content and think outside the box when creating it. Go above and beyond.

Maybe you don’t even have your own product/service and you’re not focusing on marketing for a business… Marketing can come into play in many other ways like getting a job you want, getting a price reduction on a house/car you’re after, landing an investor, finding the right spouse…

Marketing is much more than only goods and services… It’s psychological… As marketers, our goal is to get what we want plain and simple. Whether that’s in life, work, or anything else…

As you advance as a marketer, you learn the underlying reasons for marketing tactics and can understand why people say the words they choose to use, why car salesmen tend to be deceitful on the outside, and why some people seem to just get whatever they want in life…



I can’t stress this enough! Be extremely vigilant and aware of every link you click, every transaction you make, and every person you interact with, as scammers are plentiful in the space, and rugs get pulled from even the best-looking of projects.

Triple-check all links before you click them and make sure they’re the official link you’re seeking. Also, triple-check all wallet address’s before sending anything valuable to yourself or someone else.

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