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The security architecture of the blockchain is not supported by a firewall or an antivirus, Blockchain means chain of blocks that contain data defined in three types, the first is information associated with the transaction, the second is the hash that identifies the block as unique and unrepeatable and the third is the one that stores the hash of the previous block, so there is a connection in each one with its predecessor and its successor, effectively the blocks are creating a chain!

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Why use blockchain?

The world currently needs to produce, manage and store a huge amount of information and this is a job that is currently executed by humans, the idea of the blockchain is that effectively, incorruptible, secure and faster every day, they can take on this task.

Why is it said that the Blockchain is robust security?

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Simply because of two things together, the hash and the amount of users that are watching at all times.
As mentioned above the hash is unique but has a particularity that provides and guarantees security, this number is generated by the content of the block that means that if you change the information of the block automatically changes the hash, leaving invalid the block chain, in reality there is not a single database since each blockchain user has a copy, The security and certification of the blocks is granted by the users, not by a controlling entity or any institution of power. However, we are not talking about a few users, we are referring to the fact that there are many users and it continues to grow.

Who uses this technology?

These users enter the network for two reasons, to use the services of the network in transactions or to create new blocks in the network, the latter are the miners, as contracts are signed making transfers and different transactions in the network it is necessary to store the information in new blocks and to make it possible, it is necessary to solve a complex mathematical problem that needs computational potential, so the miners use their processors to the maximum to try to solve it, once solved the rest of the network users verify that the solution is correct; The new block enters the chain in a consolidated form and the agreement is carried out, which in turn generates the reward for the miners involved.

The applications of this system are very diverse and growth is on the rise. Blockchain is not just a database, it is a system that goes beyond the traditional and can validate and manage a lot of important information for the development of humanity.

The blockchain is a tool to create a more equitable, transparent and truthful society.

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