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Weekly Analyze of the Crypto Investing in November, 2022

Weekly Analyze of the Crypto Investing in November, 2022


Date: Oct 31,2022-Nov 04,2022

This week, the crypto market has been differentiated. After a wave of rebounds, the mainstream coins entered a stage of decline and adjustment this week. On the contrary, some hot coins showed a good increase in rotation.

BTC closed out the effective physical K line last week, got rid of the previous consecutive doji disk, and the market started. The daily line fell, finishing in the range of 20000–21000. At present, from the perspective of the Fibonacci retracement range and the K-line pattern, it is inclined to trend retracement. The upward trend remains unchanged. The support range is 19600–19800, and the resistance range is 21500–22000.

The weekly line of ETH breaks the high point connection and suppresses it. If it breaks above the wave high point of 1780, it will officially start the weekly upward trend. The daily line maintains an upward rhythm, and MA120 has turned its head upwards. The market is expected to rely on its volatility to move higher. The support range is 1450–1480, and the resistance range is 1720–1780.

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