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Turn On, Tune In And Take Charge With Bitcoin

This is an opinion editorial by Yasin Chowdhury, host of the Miami Bitcoin Meetup and technology consultant.

The following is for informational and entertainment purposes only. This is not medical advice, nor does the author or publishing entity condone the use of drugs.

Traveling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole can be a perilous financial and psychological journey. Financially, it is easy to get completely wrecked — whether by taking part in the thousands of different cryptocurrency scams, storing bitcoin on various lending platforms that promise a yield or simply mismanaging your keys. From a psychological standpoint, staying calm through the intense volatility can be difficult, not to mention the sheer cognitive dissonance one may experience going down the rabbit hole. Luckily there is a framework that can mitigate the risks for those who wish to wander down the never-ending Bitcoin rabbit hole. This framework is predicated on the psychedelic movement pioneered by Dr. Timothy Leary.

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