Trends in Artificial Intelligence

By akohad Feb13,2023


Let’s look at the impact of AI and its potential risks.

We will be covering :

  • Impact of AI
  • AI in artistic creativity
  • AI in social media
  • AI in chatbots
  • AI in vehicles
  • AI in health care
  • Potential risks of AI
  • AI and society

Impact of AI

Before we begin, let’s look at how AI has changed and is still changing our lives. Despite the fact that many of us think AI endangers humanity, humans and AI must collaborate rather than compete. Anyway, let’s start.

AI in artistic creativity

Musicians and artists are using machine learning and neural networks to create art and music depending on what people listen to more often.

This makes sure artists are following modern trends and thus earning more money.

I’ll leave you with an AI-based music platform, Musenet

Also, AIVA is very known for classical music composition :


AI in social media

Whether we like it or not, our activity patterns are used to suggest related posts. photographs and videos.

Social media statistics

Our data is used for ad recommendation. Facebook’s use of facial recognition to tag friends is a typical illustration of machine learning.

AI in chatbots

Virtual assistants are common nowadays; they use speech recognition and natural language processing to perform daily tasks.

Some common AI chatbots :

  • SIRI by Apple
  • Google Assistant
  • Cortana by Microsoft

AI in vehicles

As AI cars become safer and easier to drive, they collect data from the GPS and sensors and use it to predict the presence of objects in their vicinity.

Well, the cars either warn you or adjust themselves for any possible accident that might happen; that’s why I said they are much safer.

Who doesn’t know about Tesla? It excelled by making its autonomous cars drive without any human intervention.

AI in healthcare

AI is used to collect patient data and perform diagnoses without bringing patients regularly into the hospital.

AI can be used with Augmented reality to propose solutions

The AI can recommend medication based on patient data or even choose the most relevant hospital to make an appointment with the most relevant doctor.

Now it’s time to admit that even if AI is friendly and a good game changer, there are potential risks.

Potential risks of AI

There are downsides to making machines that can act and think much faster than humans. We might be thinking about what can go wrong so we can avoid disastrous mistakes in the future.

Dependence on technology

I’m afraid we’ll lose our problem-solving abilities one day because we rely too much on smart machines to do our work for us.

Decision making

Imagine that you failed an interview. A new world war starts because a smart machine makes an unreasonably bad decision.

What if AI machines become smarter and realize that humans are a waste of space?

AI and society

It is important to learn AI trends so you can make sure the work you do leaves society better off.

There are some technical limitations to AI. AI can be biased and discriminate unfairly against minorities or other groups.

AI is also susceptible to adversarial attacks. For example, while we all appreciate email spam filters, they are still breached by attackers.

AI is already widely used in developed economies, but it will also have a significant impact on emerging economies and on the global job market.


AI is changing the world, but there is also a lot of unnecessary hype about it. So it is necessary that we all have a realistic view of it. We have to make sure that the work we do with AI is ethical.

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