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The top 6 reasons why I’m investing in Ethereum

The world’s most valuable smart contract platform is a great bet for the future

1) Ethereum is at the heart of the cryptocurrency ecosystem

In the analog world all roads lead to Rome. In the digital world all roads lead to Ethereum. Just check out this cool chart below.

Image credit: Cryptoflows

2) Dollar payments are coming

I believe that dollar stablecoins are Ethereum’s killer app. All we need is regulatory legitimacy from the United States and I expect stablecoin use to go parabolic. For the past decade the Bitcoin community has been touting the benefits of BTC as a store of value. Denizens of the developing world can use the orange coin to protect against inflation and currency collapse.

Image from Cointelegraph

3) The competition has consistently failed to live up to its hype

Pick a metric… Number of developers, unique wallet addresses, market cap, yearly transaction volume, etc. Ethereum wins, it’s the most popular smart contract platform in the world and has been for years. Every time a new “Ethereum killer” blockchain comes out it inevitably fails to live up to the hype.

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Image credit: Coinfessions

4) Deflationary monetary policy

Bitcoiners make a big deal out of their coin’s low 2% annual inflation rate, the same as gold! They say. That’s all fine and dandy, meanwhile Ethereum has quietly become deflationary. The supply of Ethereum has started to (very slowly) shrink! Granted that might change in the months to come*, but it’s a good proof of concept.

5) Ethereum pays you to own it

Unlike Bitcoin, I can get paid to hold Ethereum. Currently the staking yield is roughly 5 to 7% (the number frequently changes), but that yield will likely increase in a bull market. The way Ethereum staking works, a certain percentage of all transaction fees go directly to the stakers so the more people use the network, the more stakers can earn.

Image credit: Ultrasound money

6) The Ethereum community is creative and open-minded

The Ethereum community is open to new ideas and they’re generally more tolerant of change. It makes sense why this is the case. When you have inflexible technology like Bitcoin, innovation can be perceived as threatening.

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The last block

I believe that while it might take a year or more to shake out the leftover scams from the last bull run, crypto will survive and Ethereum will thrive. I haven’t even mentioned the growth of DeFi, which is an entire article in its own right.

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