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The Proof that Alpha Calls Works!

The Proof that Alpha Calls Works!


So you may be reading all about our system, and love the theory, but are thinking to yourself, talk is cheap. Where is the proof. Well here it is. We are going to show you real life examples of the last several trade setups that were called and how they led to a 27% upside versus just HODLing for dear life in this latest 30 day sideways and descending market of BTC. See below and we will elaborate more!

If you enlarge the image above you will see that a total of 5 trade setups called on the 4 hr for BTC over the last 30 days. There are more than 5 buy/sell signals but we have used the buy then immediate sell scenarios, as well as a buy then multiple sell scenarios and the buy, buy sell scenarios, which all reiterate our method of buy limits and dollar cost averaging to create safety nets for your assets. Here you can see that there was a 13.5% gain in the fairly sideways and downtrading market of BTC over the last 30 days, versus those that held their positions losing 13.6% of their portfolios.

This is proof that the system works well. I will show further examples on Eth to corroborate my conclusions. As of the current date/time of this writing, we are at a 33% gain on Ethereum in the last 30 days, in the overall sideways and declining price structure, while the HODL accounts are down almost 8%; that’s an incredible 41% upside spread for our indicator users! See graph below:

Want 2 more quick snapshots??

Here is the BTC 1D chart over the last 3 months which has been in an overall Decline of about 31% for those that just HODL’d. With the 3 trade setups that were called out, our users made a staggering 62% net gain on their assets, providing them a 93% positive spread vs the people that did nothing! See chart below!

Lastly the ETH 1D chart over the last 3 months is probably the most impressive of all and shows the power of patience and following the higher more accurate time frames. With our 3 trade calls, users experienced a unprecedented 113% rise in their portfolios, versus the HODL accounts which saw a 22.3% decline, for a total spread of 135.3% net gain over the competition!!! See below…

Don’t take my word for it…the proof is in the pudding. These are not repainting indicators, once the bar closes the buy or sell signal is locked forever, and I will demonstrate more once the token/ecosystem launches. You really have to check this out for yourself and you will become a believer!

I look forward to helping all of you make better informed decisions and beating the whales/institutions at their own game. May the Alpha be with you 😉

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  • *Disclaimer** This content is for entertainment purposes only and reflects only the opinions of the author and should not constitute financial advice. Please assess your own appetite for risk and never trade with more money than you can afford to potentially lose.

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