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The Easiest Way to make $1-$5 a day online passively!

Hey, Are you wondering about ways to make passive income online? Do you want to make $1 a day online? Do you want to make $1 a day automatically? Do you want free Crypto?

Then this article is the best place for you. Today I would show you one of the best ways in which you can earn from $1 to $5 a day online without doing any work at all, and I would show you a BONUS METHOD that you can use to multiply your earnings significantly.

Best of all- I am using this method for a few days and have already made more that $72.67 from it! I would show you how I did it and how you can do it too.

In this method we are going to share our internet connection, with a company that provides internet to help businesses worldwide. This way the company is able to provide internet to businesses that are in need, and that’s why they would pay us in return for helping them. And a nice thing is that it can generate up to $50 a month per device.

Honeygain is the platform that we will use for making money by sharing our internet connection. And also you would get a $5 bonus instantly just for signing up.

  1. Click Here to Signup to Honeygain and get a $5 bonus Instantly.(make sure to follow next step and install the app, or you won’t earn anything)
  2. Check your dashboard, you would be credited with the $5 right away.
  3. You need only $20 to withdraw, when you get these $5, you would now only need another $15.
  1. Simply go to the Honeygain website.
  2. Now click the Download app button, you could install their app on any device you want, I recommend using your mobile phone as it is switched on all the time.
  3. Now log in to the Honeygain app in your device that you installed it in.

Now it’s time to turn Honeygain on, as this way it would start utilizing our internet connection to start generating passive income for us.

  1. Go to the more button and turn on if you are on a mobile device, if you are on desktop, open the app right click and turn it on.
  2. Now you could go to your dashboard and choose between 2 options honeygain and jumptask, I recommend you to stay at honeygain.
  3. Now it would start gathering your internet connection to start making you passive income.

Now that you have followed the above steps, there are some things that you need to understand, below are those-

  1. Earnings will depend on your country, if you live in countries like USA you would earn the highest, if you live in low tier countries, you may not get paid the same.
  2. In the USA, I gathered $16 in 9 days from 2 devices, but I have a super fast internet, that everyone may not have, but still you can expect $15-$30 per device per month in the USA.
  3. To earn the most money, you would have to follow some tips, below are those.
  1. There is a lucky jar daily, you could win anywhere from $0.01 to $10, so definitely make sure to use that jar daily, I often get $0.2 just with the jar in a day, usually the average is $0.05.
  2. Use multiple devices, you could connect up to 10 devices per account on honeygain, so try using as much devices as you can, if one device can get $30 a month, 3 devices can get $90 a month.
  3. Use jumptask bonuses, you could make more money this way, but I don’t prefer it, I rather like to get paid in Bitcoin than Jump Token.
  4. Join their contests on social medias, this is not the best way, but can work sometimes.
  5. Use content delivery, Honeygain provides a content delivery feature that is only available for pc devices, it will help you in increasing your earnings significantly, I highly recommend this one.

So, if you want to make the most money out of honeygain, you have to use this bonus method. In this we are going to use their affiliate program and start inviting people to join honeygain from our link. This way we would make 10% recurring commission and also, sometimes there are promos going on like for this month till October 31 2022, if your referral gathers 2 gb you get 500 honeygain credits for that.

But, the question comes how to promote honeygain? and here are the best methods for doing that-

  1. Create Medium Articles(best one for me! quickkk results! you might get like 50 signups in 2 weeks if you do it well just like I did!)
  2. Promote your articles through Quora Answers(don’t paste direct affiliate links, but link your medium articles for promotion)
  3. Create Instagram Carousel Posts
  4. Create Instagram Reels
  5. Create TikTok shorts
  6. Create Youtube Shorts
  7. Create Long Youtube Videos
  8. Use banner ads on your website

These were some of the ways you can use, but of course there are many more ways as well for promoting any affiliate product, you can use your own creativity to create your own strategy as well.

So after reading this article you would have got to know about a method that you can use to generate passive income in bitcoin by sharing your internet connection and I showed you a BONUS METHOD that you can use to multiply your earnings significantly. If you have anything to share or any questions then comment down below.

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