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The Desmos Airdrop — The Cosmos Community Responds

The Desmos Airdrop The Cosmos Community Responds

The Fall of 2021 brought a flurry of activity in the Cosmos Ecosystem. An array of new projects made their debut and used the popular Airdrop to spread their new coins into the marketplace. One newcomer was Desmos, a new blockchain protocol enabling the building of decentralized social networks.


The Drop

  • Desmos airdropped 21,929,584 DSM to various Interchain communities. Leading the pack were $ATOM and $OSMO, whose stakers and liquidity providers received the new $DSM coins. Also receiving the airdrop were stakers of $LUNA, $AKT, $CRO, and other Cosmos coins.

The Problem

Many eager recipients encountered a bit of difficulty when they sought to claim their coins. Many weren’t sure where to go and what procedures they had to follow. Initially, many were fearful about having to reveal their seed phrases in order to claim the coins. And many found it hard to get an initial 1 DSM to serve as gas for the claiming transaction.

The Cosmos Community Responds

The Cosmos Community was eager to welcome Desmos and its decentralized social networks. So instead of causing a ruckus, Cosmonauts (as we’re often called) sought to promote the DSM coin and welcome Desmos as a fellow member of Cosmos.

Popular YouTube presenter, Liam Conner, produced a step-by-step video showing how to safely claim DSM. Cosmos expert and YouTube presenter Cryptocito also sought to provide insight into Desmos and the Airdrop. Hundreds of posts on the Telegram Cosmos Airdrop Chat lit up with questions and advice.

We here at SmartNodes — a Desmos Network Validator — also stepped up to the plate by providing a Telegram Channel devoted to the DSM Airdrop. Aptly named Desmos Airdrop Faucet, the Channel helped more than 2,000 people navigate the intricacies of the DSM Airdrop.

Our SmartNodes team concentrated on making it easy for people to get the
1 DSM to pay for the gas fees necessary to claim the Airdrop. We created a SmartyBot and posted it on the Desmos Airdrop Faucet. These ingenious strings of computer code enabled anyone to claim the Airdrop simply by clicking the Bot, adding a wallet address, and … presto … the gas fees were provided.

Now SmartNodes is happy to announce that our Smarty Bot successfully helped 2,286 people to claim their $DSM gas fee.

And we welcome Desmos to our growing Cosmos family.

Cosmos: A True Community

The united effort of the Cosmos community shows what we can do to further the success of this unique ecosystem. When one of our own — a new Cosmos blockchain — experienced some difficulty in distributing these new coins, assistance from many diverse sources combined to help solve the problem.

We at the SmartNodes Validator believe that this Cosmos community will continue to grow and succeed. Imagine the pool of online talent. Think about the NFT artists, the SEO experts, the website designers, the makers of 3D worlds — imagine that brainpower focusing on this revolutionary “Internet of Blockchains.”

Just imagine what we can accomplish together.

Do we have your attention?

Do you like the opportunity before you?

Let us know your ideas.

Please join and post on our Telegram Channel. https://t.me/smartnodesvalidators

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