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The Coins Pandora Box: Unboxing The Top Secret

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You know in the price action method where you just necessary to watch all the crypto market phenomena that have been happening lately through the chart screen. All market actions and fundamentals have been consolidated into the patterns and movement of the chart and its elements.

In this crypto blog article, I would like to share a special technique that is actually very simple but very powerful. With this technique, I try to reveal the top secret of the current cryptocurrency situation and its projection. Well, let me introduce you to the coiling structure technique. But before continuing, please read the disclaimer at the end of this article.

The coiling structure seems like a fully squeezed spring that saves full potential energy to be released in a powerful move explosively at a certain momentum (in many cases). It will explode in one direction after being compressed in the opposite direction over some period of time. In terms of candle sticks, it’s called a coiling setup where is a subsequent candle or more that has a lower low than the preceding candle, which means that it has done tighter and tighter than its predecessor like a squeezed spring, within one another.

The original article is published by the writer on this blog.

Insights, why this coiling structure movement occurred in the market? It is because the big market players do not like being tightly bound up in a sleeping business or investment without running their capital. If the compressed market range is short and turns around quickly, it only offers the market players lower profits. While a long compression in the market price will create strong pressure and friction which finally needs to be released with a powerful explosion. The longer this coiling condition is created, the more powerful, for when it breaks out, the crypto market can often go for a huge move in the breakout direction.

There are now 20,931 cryptocurrencies in 2022 known to exist and keep growing from time to time. In this article, I’d like to share an idea about which potential crypto coins have the current condition of their coiling structure.

It seems that it is not easy to choose just 1 coin from the thousands of existing crypto coins. Everyone is free to choose their own coins. But I think it would be better if our chosen coins could be shared and challenged against each other on the basis of analysis.

Telling people about a crypto coin name that is currently setting up a coiling structure and is preparing for a big explosion in the near future is like opening Pandora’s box. It unboxes secret treasures that are very highly valued and can change your life. But before continuing, please read the disclaimer at the end of this article.

The original article is published by the writer on this blog.

First I will vote for the leader of the coiled coin, and my choice goes to Ethereum (ETH). Price action doesn’t talk anything about the fundamentals and market sentiment, so it is just the chart that does the talking itself. Let’s take a look at the following ETH/USDT chart:

I think you start to understand now. Yes, that’s right, Ethereum has absorbed the gigantic potential energy from the 4800s to the 1200s main support. Indeed, that is like pressure on a spring that just reached its endpoint of compression at the main support. But it seems that you don’t clearly see where the Ethereum coiling structure is formed. Ok, let’s zoom- in the ETHUSDT chart as shown below:

It’s clearer now in the compressed range and as mentioned above the longer the coiling, the more powerful.

Alright, now we’re a little moving into calculating the investment potential. The price of Ethereum has risen from its bottom average price of 300s to its peak price of 4800s, which means there is an increase in Ethereum investment of 4800/300 = 1,600% (16x). This 1,600% (16x) potential investment figure will be my reference in choosing the next potential coiled coins. So how many potential coiled coins are there to be selected? As the quote says, Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket.

I think it is required to have a listing 8 of coiled coins which is half of the 16. Then we only invest in the third of 16 which is 5 coins. The calculation is, for instance, you have $500 as initial capital, then at least 1 coin is a winner becoming $1,600 from the initial capital of $100 in 1 coin and the other 4 coins with $400 initial capital are losses, then you still gain profit of $1600 — $500 = $1,100, it’s amazing. So what do you think if there is more than 1 coin wins and your initial capital is $1,000 or more? then you would gain your investment becoming $1.1 million. All you do is just click and forget, and this is Price Action’s ultimate strategy, Fire And Forget. However, before continuing, please read the disclaimer at the end of this article.

This is another question that is difficult to answer. This is also unboxing secret of Pandora’s box. Price action certainly won’t answer like if the Russia-Ukraine war ends, or if the American president changes, or if Elon Musk buys up Ethereum, and so on. Price action simply answers with the chart as shown below:

Please pay attention to the red date label above, yes there would most likely be an explosion in early 2023. It’s a kind of natural cyclic pattern. This means you have to be prepared from now before December 31, 2022. Yes, I already fully opened Pandora’s box.

But where are the other 7 coiled coins? I try to review and share them in the next articles. Again, please read the disclaimer below.

The original article is published by the writer on this blog.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my research and personal opinion. This is not an order or an invitation to do. Investing in the cryptocurrency market provides both benefits and risks. Every investment decision is the responsibility of the individual who made the decision. Please invest according to your personal risk profile.

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