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Start a Career in Crypto — Another beginner’s guide.

Start a Career in Crypto — Another beginner’s guide.


The Cryptocurrency industry has skyrocketed in the past few years. Now and then, you see a 23-year-old driving a Lambo. If anyone asks how he got the sweet ride at 23, he responds, “crypto, bro.”

There are several industries like construction and real estate where people get in, and after only a few years of work, they establish themselves with a good net worth. Industries such as these are also very lucrative. Crypto is seen as savvy and trendy. The same is true not only for young guns but also for professionals interested in technology and finance. Since the crypto industry is narrative-driven, the support and endorsement from Hollywood A-list actors, NBA stars, and celebrities have shoved it to the very top.

The industry is continuously growing. Hence, the demand for professionals has increased manifold. Many individuals are looking to enter the crypto market, and many established companies are transitioning into crypto.

But all of this can be good news for finance and tech professionals; what about those ambitious ones with no background in finance or technology?

Before we proceed, it should be noted that crypto companies don’t require finance specialists and traders only; they need engineers, programmers, marketers, cryptographers, and business managers. There is hope for all.

Skills are to a professional what swords and daggers are to a warrior, and they help you navigate through the corporate world. Whether it is career progression or social networking, skills are your key to getting in and getting the job done.

In this article, we shall discuss the skills you can acquire and polish to get your foot in the door.

Let’s get started.

In order to get started in crypto and land a job in a crypto company, you must be familiar with the history, trends, notable players, regulations, and the overall SOPs of the crypto world. The easiest and the most basic way for you to get started is to Google, and start reading, just what you’re doing right now. It is that simple. If you’re on social media, join crypto communities and groups.

Ask questions. Follow crypto news and do a little research about the subjects that you find interesting.

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know that counts. This adage is street-wise advice and a rule for success. It applies to everything and everyone. Knowing people who can help you and get you through is like bringing a gun to a sword fight. Having people who have real-time experience is a great way to access opportunities. Remember, people will only be willing to help you if they see you bringing value to the table in return.

Marketing is a skill, a craft that all companies require. Since the day and age we live in is digital, marketing has also gone digital. In order to be a good fit in the crypto company as a marketing manager, you would require to up your social media game. There are a plethora of skills that you can learn for free. You would need the skills to be acquainted with our content strategy, lead generation, traffic management, business development, and public relations. Although digital marketing takes the lead in the modern world, traditional marketing has not lost its touch. It will pay dividends to enhance your communication skills to socialize better. You already have a head start if you have any prior marketing experience. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry. We all start somewhere.

Understand that content creation and content writing are two very different things. Content writing is purely writing material for a topic, an idea, or a subject. Content creation, on the other hand, is coming up with ideas. It is the answer to the question: what should the content be? Content creation requires one to be creative and have one’s hand over the audience’s pulse. The ability to create content is what has taken YouTubers to make millions and TikTokers to market their brands. Having this ability down is going to make you stand out to any potential employer.

The easiest way to start your content creation journey is to start writing and making videos. If you want them to be crypto-specific, that is even better. Companies will know that you are interested and have the spirit to develop new ideas. Corporations and businesses pay vast amounts of money to create content. The reason content creation can help you brush up your marketing skills as well as help you land a job is that they also work as lead generators. You can bring in a ton of clients with content creation.

Project managers are probably one of the most wanted professionals in companies these days. Companies’ professionals and senior officers go for project management courses for career progression and transition to managerial posts. A project manager is responsible for keeping oversight on in-progress projects, strategy, and creating blueprints. To put it in layperson’s terms, a project manager allocates and organizes resources. He is responsible for allocating funds and human capital and honing them into a machine-like dynamic that produces the desired results with maximum efficiency. With the kind of money flowing in the crypto world and the hype it enjoys, a crypto company is almost always on the lookout for starting new projects and launching new ventures. You need this skill as part of your skillset to prove yourself as an indispensable asset to a company.

Suppose you have no experience in project management; no need to sweat, my friend. Seek out an internship or list a project you may have done on your resume. Any of the two is good, and both are even better.

We have listed skills that will help professionals land a career in crypto for professionals in non-technical fields. Although the skills cited above are adequate for you to get started, it is essential to give our readers a reality check. The truth is that technology is here to stay, and technical jobs will be in high demand in the future, more than they are now. This might freak some people out. The fact is that getting started in tech is no brainer. At the very beginning of the article, we talked about how crypto companies require professionals and individuals of all skillset. They also need programmers and coders. Learning to code is extremely useful. Want in on a little secret? It isn’t that difficult either. Knowing how to code can do wonders for you if you’re looking to land a job in crypto. If you apply for a non-technical position, having a tech-related skill on your resume is going to put you high in your employer’s eyes.

The same applies to data analytics and business informatics. These skills are designed so that anyone with any relevant educational background can learn and master them. If you find yourself inclined, I’d suggest you go for them, acquire a certification, complete a couple of projects to prove your competency, and take the lead.

Crypto is a business that runs like any other business and requires all the skills and professionals that any other business needs. The point to understand is that you should know how to make yourself valuable to a company or a business for it to hire you for your services.

The skills we have talked about in the article, both non-technical and technical, are the ones that will help you enormously in making your resume outshine your competition and potentially land you a job in the industry.

A parting advice is to conduct a thorough research over the skills that you are good in. Polish those skills and make sure to gain significant competency in that skill. Play on your strengths.

I am a financial analyst who shares views only for the purpose of learning and information. I am not your advisor, nor should you take any trade based on my workings. Always consult your independent financial advisor before entering into any financial trade. I assume no loss or damage caused by any trade the market participants took.

If you like my work, clap for me! It will help me in reaching out to more people. It will also raise my morale, and I will share more of my workings! Your comments are most welcomed. You are also welcome to disagree with me!

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