Shiba Inu Now Available on Amazon/Netflix

By akohad Oct22,2022


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Shiba Inu enthusiasts now have the luxury of being able to use their investments as real payment on Amazon, and Netflix. The entire Shiba ecosystem is affected by this pivotal moment in the communities history, including the likes of SHIBA INU (SHIB) Bone, and Leash.

This is all being made possible by a Canadian based crypto payment bridging company called FCFPay. Their job in layman terms is to facilitate the swap between currencies and cryptocurrencies. They have been developing a system that we’ve seen before by other popular exchanges, and it’s relatively simple, they allow you to spend your crypto in real time using a visa card.

The card that FCFPay has introduced has been revolutionary for the entirety of the crypto world, but especially so for the Shiba Inu community. They introduced the Shiba Inu ecosystem back in late July of 2022, and it’s already seen mass success in terms of adoption of the ecosystem. We’ve seen over 5 million online stores support the ecosystem, and this is the big one here, we’ve seen adoption in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY known to Earth, all 195 of them have currently support the ecosystem.

Companies like FCFPay should be the essence of excitement for crypto junkies // enthusiasts, because it’s helping bridge the gap between the crypto communities we love, and the necessary real world application need for them.

If you’re interested in checking out FCFPay, you can signup for their Crypto Gateway Payment system today, and give it a shot using your Shiba Inu for an Amazon Prime membership, or for a Netflix subscription! Try it here today –

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