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By akohad Oct3,2022


Overview of MetaReset Multiverse

Imagine waking up in the morning. Sun is about to Shine, and birds are chirping. Kids are off to school while adults go off to work.

Once again, $Reset is about to power up this Multiverse again.

Say Hello to MetaReset πŸ‘‹.

A Utopian Multiverse with infinite possibilities promotes inclusivity, diversity, and multiculturalism.

We at MetaReset intend to introduce the Multiverse to the cryptocurrency world with user experience, equality, and virtuality as its guiding principles.

You can create anything you can imagine, and with cryptocurrency integrated into the metaverse, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your virtual creation. So come join us on this journey to $Reset the metaverse!

This Multiverse is entirely driven and owned by people like you 🫡

A metaverse is a scary place. Tech is not ready. Instead of going all in and building an immersive world, MetaReset is bringing metaverse for mass adoption in a most familiar UI we have all been using so far. It is a WEB3 Powered + Metaverse themed + Social network. By doing this, we can avoid all the problems with current metaverse implementations, like unsustainable economic models, lack of interoperability, the difficulty of use, and scalability issues. Instead, our approach is to use the metaverse as a foundation for a new social network powered by cryptocurrency. This will allow us to create a sustainable economy that can scale to meet the needs of our users. In addition, our platform will be easy to use and offer users a familiar experience. We believe that this approach will be the key to bringing metaverse to the masses.

We worked up from the first principles to build out our Foundational Blocks, they are:

  1. MetaPeople πŸ‘₯
    To begin, humanity was reconstructed with equality across gender, ethnicity, and freedom of choice as the essential founding concept. This collection will serve as the foundation for the humans who will populate MetaWorld in the beginning.
  2. MetaFamily πŸ‘ͺ
    MetaPeople from the original Adam and Eve collection can have a family and bring their children to MetaWorld. Only these indigenous people and their children have access to MetaWorld.
  3. MetaAssets πŸ’°
    MetaAssets is a collection of properties such as land, houses, stations, restaurants, factories, cars, and stores. These MetaAssets can be purchased by MetaPeople. MetaAssets will serve as the building blocks of MetaWorld.
  4. MetaWorld 🌎
    With their MetaFamily and MetaAssets, MetaPeople will enjoy a real-time calibrated environment where they may create the life they want from the ground up, free from racism, prejudice, or any other form of oppression. You can create your alternate existence here.
  5. MetaStore 🏬
    At this time, MetaReset will work with well-known companies to sell their digital goods in MetaWorld. Display your collection, engage in trade, or just wear them.

We would like to share with you the current state of the MetaReset where we stand now.

Incremental Steps at MetaReset aims to build and deliver the virtual world in incremental steps while engaging user feedback at each step to enhance adoption.

Our whitepaper is complete, and you can go ahead and read it by clicking here.

We already have brains 🧠 behind the MetaReset working day and night πŸ’ͺ to make it a reality.

We are:

500+ members are strong on Telegram.

800+ members are strong on Twitter.


140+ members are strong on Discord.

Our codebase is open-source. Hence everyone is welcome to contribute to it πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰.

Click here to access our GitHub organization repo.

Our token is already listed on Uniswap.

If you want to see the health of our token. Click here to view it on CoinMarketCap.

We can’t wait anymore to welcome you into our Multiverse.

Please join in and show us some love ❀️.

πŸ“’Telegram Announcement:-

🐦 Twitter:-

πŸ‘ Discord Server:-

Thank you for reading this far πŸ™

See you in the MultiVerse, or we say MetaReset.


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