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Our Journey Begins: Minifigures NFT

Everybody loves Minifigures.

They offer a fun and customizable way for builders to bring their creations to life, and can be customized with a ton of different accessories, hairstyles, and clothing to make them unique.

Minifigures have also become a collector’s item in their own right. Some rare or limited-edition minifigures can be quite valuable to collectors.

So, why don’t join Minifigures and NFTs?
Creating a standard collection with 10000 items would have been easy: create the Trait, combine them, deploy a standard ERC-721 Smart Contract and bam, that’s it. Cool stuff, but it would have been boring, and already exists somewhere.

We wanted more: Customizable NFT.

Who said that an NFT should be static and never-changing? An NFT is “a unique digital asset that is stored on a blockchain”, and is “not interchangeable with any other unit of the same value”. No one never said it can’t change over time.
Also, if our Minifigures were not meant to be disassembled and built again anytime, what fun would it give?

Our idea is simple, yet powerful: play with NFTs as you were playing in reality.

A Minifigure NFT, customized in every piece.

Highlighted features:

  • every single piece is an NFT (a “head”, a “torso”, the “legs”, a “hat”, etc…), we call them “Part NFT”
  • every Part NFT has its own supply: there will be many “Smiling Head” available, while a very few “Bitcoin Hoodie”
  • you can hold, buy and sell every Part NFT independently
  • or, you can combine some Part NFT and mint a Minifigure NFT
  • Part NFT are not burned when minting a Minifigure NFT: just like reality they are only combined, they do not “disappear”
  • you can hold, buy and sell every Minifigure NFT
  • here comes the fun: you can equip and undress every part of your Minifigure NFT. The “Orange Bitcoin Hoodie” is what you reflects you most? Buy it and put it on your Minifigure NFT, it will be your personal and customized PFP!

Watch how easy minting is:

Were are we now:

  • we deployed our website https://minifigures-nft.com, included a FAQ section and set up our socials (find links below)
  • something that others don’t do: we deployed a demo playground https://demo.minifigures-nft.com/mint where you can mint, assemble and disassemble your Minifigure NFTs. We want to let people play with this before going live, don’t miss this opportunity and provide us feedbacks!
  • after this “demo phase” we will launch minting, stay tuned for the official date

You can find us at:

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