Opensea to allow users to submit bulk NFT listings and purchases

By akohad Oct6,2022


OpenSea, the digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), announced in a series of tweets on Oct. 5 that the platform will officially allow its users to bulk list and bulk purchase up to 30 digital collectible items in a single flow. 

In the case of bulk buying, the platform will allow its users to add up to 30 items from the same chain to their cart before finalizing their purchases in a single transaction, reducing costs associated with gas fees, and allowing the process to be more convenient and streamlined. The company explained:

“In your collected items tab you can access bulk listings by clicking on the “+” symbol when you hover over an item card or by clicking “list for sale” in the “More Options” drop-down. You’ll then be able to select up to 30 items to list at once.”

In September, Cointelegraph reported that the digital marketplace had launched a new immersive initiative enabling creators to launch their NFT collections on their own customizable and dedicated drop pages, with hopes that this will allow for greater visibility and discoverability on the marketplace’s new homepage.

In the same month, global music and entertainment company Warner Music Group (WMG) announced a partnership with the NFT marketplace to provide a platform for select musical artists to build and extend their music fanbase into the Web3 community.

Innovations to the platform have come during a time when OpenSea’s volume has plummeted drastically, with massive declines in the daily and monthly transactions on the platform. The marketplace went from processing $405.75 million transactions on May 1 to only processing $5 million worth of NFT transactions on Aug. 28.