Home Crypto My portfolio that will earn a lot in 2 years on the Gate.io stock market.

My portfolio that will earn a lot in 2 years on the Gate.io stock market.

My portfolio that will earn a lot in 2 years on the Gate.io stock market.


I think everyone should have 5–10% high-risk, potential coins in addition to low-risk coins in their portfolio. Because if you discover a beautiful project early, you can see incredible rises. I choose these coins from Gate.io, which I see as the academy of Binance exchange. Since there are amounts that I am willing to lose, I wonder what the result will be without trading for 2 years. I chose these coins as a result of research, after criteria such as supply situations, features of projects, teams. I expect this basket to make an average of 50 times in 2 years, but I invested a small amount because the risk was high. This content is not financial advice. Let’s take a look at the coins on the list.

When making a potential list, meme coins are the must-haves here. I chose Floki, which is the strongest among them as a community. It has the potential to make a move similar to what Shiba did in the upcoming bull period. Its instantaneous value is $0.00000797. If Binance lists it, we can see that it decreases profusely from these zeros.

  • Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge)

The second and last meme coin on my list. It’s more risky than floki, but when meme coins rise, I expect a surprise rise. Current value: $0.000000001343.

This coin that reached a large investor base in the previous bull season. It still has a lot of support and a lot of potential. Even if its immediate value approaches $0.11 and ATH 4.97, it will have increased close to 50 times.

A coin that can profit in case of an increase in NFT. It is a project that makes you think that it is far below its value as it is included in the Bnb network. Its value is $0.52 and its ATH is $22. It’s a nice deal and it won’t be surprising if it hits the $40–50 level with the NFT bull.

As a decentralized gaming platform, I think it will show a great increase next year. Because some of the game projects have made good increases, but not many can keep their place. This coin will rise quickly when game projects are trending again. Current value: $0.00000218

Another potential project is MahaDAO. Its ATH is $25.59 and its current value is $0.9934. I think it will be difficult to see these levels in 2023. It will go up to 10 dollars in 1 year.

It is a project with an instant value of 0.06459 and a play-to-earn trend that has captured $444 ATH. It is difficult to reach those values again, but there is a possibility of reaching 2-digit levels with a new development.

A project on decentralization in e-commerce. growth has not yet occurred in this area and is very close to its lowest levels. A value of 0.2352 will look very low in the future.

I think that the cell coin, which has an instant value of 0.2525, has potential for network bridge. I’m guessing it will go up to $5 in a year.

It is one of the two coins on the list that I think will increase with the defi trend. It has a value of $ 0.8990, but I think it will reach $ 30 in 2 years.

Cross-chain stablecoin exchange on Solana. When SOL is on the rise again, SBR will go with it. It has a value of 0.002390 and I think it will come to an ATH of $1.12.

  • DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP)

The second coin that I think will increase with the defi trend is DYP. It has great potential and I predict that it will reach the level of 1–2 dollars from 0.1573 in a very short time, and it will increase to 20 dollars in 2 years.

The supply of the project, which works on pets, is higher than other coins. The reason I chose this is to choose coins in different areas and get a chance to win whichever trend is. Therefore, if there is a trend here, there will be an increase, other than that, I do not expect a big increase as much as the others, I keep it as a surprise coin. Current value: $0.01087

Last coin on the list. This coin is also a more surprising project, and $0.04965 came in very low considering the circulating supply rate. This value may come to $0.1 by 2023 and to $1 by 2024.


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