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Multiple identity disorder

It happened that I have been misbehaving for some time and I was advised severally to go see a therapist. I refused.

I have gotten the balls so I went last week Saturday, and the therapist confirmed my long time fear; even though I have had some hints about it for a while.

I was diagnosed with multiple identities disorder! sighhh…

Before you start feeling sorry for me, I am not a good person actually,

but even at that, how could you read multiple identity disorder as multiple personality disorder?

We are not in Hogwart school of magic and I am not Harry Potter. I am a man, who has several identities across numerous platform online.

I have more than 2 Facebook accounts, more than 3 google accounts, 3 Twitter accounts and numerous others across the web.

It should sound familiar to you right? I am sure you know someone like that.

Let me show you where to find that person.

Go quickly into your room and fetch a mirror, I am about to teach you magic!

Have you gotten the mirror?

sit at the edge of your bed or on a chair, only you in the room to prevent interference. Close your eyes and then open it gently looking at the mirror…

You guessed right, you also have multiple identity disorder just like me.

Web2 has created a nuisance in us with the way we littered our information across the web.

While we can always log in with google, or Facebook or Twitter; we are not in control of our data. They are in control. And when they lock us out, our data is lost forever with them.

I willingly gave them my data, they curated my footsteps online and sent ads after my life.

One day, I searched online about dildo to write for one client and the next thing I am seeing is dildo advert everywhere I go online. Not cool but I have no say!

So my therapist told me that there is a way I can cure myself from this disorder; and since we have the same ailment, I know it will cure you too.

He said:

“decentralized identities can help you get all your identities in a place and resolve them”.

They are universal identities that reside on the blockchain and require a wallet to keep.

In the future,you will have to connect your wallet in order to sign into platforms. And your digital wallet will contain your keys, pass, ID cards, passwords, usernames and so on.

Your wallet will be your web3 CV that has all the footprint of what you have been doing online, and someone can read it when you give the address it to them.

Okay, but won’t they have access to privy contents like passwords and ID cards?

There are levels of authorization and someone can’t go further than they are authorized.

Decentralized identity is there for everyone to see, but like a car plate number, you know the person is registered but you don’t know who until the person identifies itself.

Decentralized identities will help curb the issue of data theft, and you can now control and circulate your data as you wish.

But someone can have more than 1 wallet, what if they choose to do bad on a second wallet and identify with the first wallet only?

That is the limitation presently to this concept, and you will agree with me that Rome was not built in a day. Web3 is here already and we can only improve from where we are now.

Decentralized identities will resolve our multiple identity disorder so we don’t need to cram 12 different passwords nor log in with google.

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