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Metaverse Meetings: what is it and how will Uniblok Intends to use it

metaverse meeting at uniblok

Metaverse refers to a hybrid of virtual reality and mixed reality worlds that can be accessed through a browser or headset. This allows people to interact and experience real-time interactions with one another across distances.

When considering the Metaverse, it is pertinent to remember that it is not a single location. It is the culmination of the new digital spaces that people refer to as the next generation of the Internet. Using the metaverse, users will be able to experience the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, an experience that goes beyond simply viewing digital content.There is no end to the Metaverse, it is infinite, persistent, and fully interoperable.

Due to the increasing number of organizations adopting remote work practices, virtual meetings have become an important part of businesses. Although there is a wide variety of platforms available for virtual meetings, these platforms can only be used to conduct audio or audio-visual meetings. Meeting-attending professionals are aware that there are several disadvantages to these platforms, including poor video quality, poor audio quality, and numerous other aspects that can be considered a drawback.

Experts estimate that 70–90% of communication is non-verbal, such as body language. The purpose of this is to assist you in understanding other people’s feelings in order to adjust your communication accordingly. It can also assist you in bonding and creating relationships by showing that you are engaged in the conversation with others.

Body language is often used unconsciously in communication. If a person yawns during a meeting or taps their fingers on the table while the boss discusses monthly sales goals, they will likely be perceived as disinterested and stressed. You can give the impression that you are interested and focused by improving your posture.

When you are conducting an online meeting with a client/talent on an online platform, you are not able to accurately determine whether they are paying attention.

There is a solution that aims to resolve all of these issues in virtual meetings and it is referred to as “Metaverse Meetings”. With metaverse meetings, you can set up an interactive virtual business meeting environment in which the participants are able to see each other’s body language and feel as if they are sitting together in a corporate setting.

We at Uniblok observed that clients and talents work together from far remote locations and they have communication medium only through video calls or audio calls. There is a significant communication gap between the clients and talents as they are unable to communicate in a manner that they prefer. In order to minimize the communication gap between the client and the talent, we introduce the concept of Metaverse Meetings.

Uniblok will be using the metaverse as an addition to video calls. In the metaverse, people are able to see each other through their oculus glasses and they can see any gestures made by others in the call. Although it may not solve the entire problem, it will help you build trust when you notice that the other participant is actively participating in the meeting.

The other reason we use metaverse is to ensure that we provide a quality and realistic meeting experience to our users.

You may join the Uniblok as a client or talent. In order to conduct your business meeting in metaverse, you must follow the following steps.

Select the Business Environment : The first step is to select the pre-built business environment that best suits your business meeting requirements or that you find ideal.

Choosing an Avatar : In order to communicate with others in the metaverse, you need to choose an avatar.

Begin the Meeting : You will now be able to start your metaverse meeting by sending a link to the other participants through a chatbot.

The purpose of this article is to explain to you why it is best to conduct business meetings in the metaverse rather than via other communication channels. During metaverse meetings, professionals can work in a more realistic business environment according to their needs and resolve conflicts in remote communications as effectively as possible.

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