Mc Donald’s accepts payments with cryptocurrencies!

By akohad Oct11,2022


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This week’s bombshell encapsulates a small step toward Mass-Adoption… Who will be the pioneer?

Is this a mass adoption? Not immediately but it will trigger even more the chances that young people will try some speculation with cryptocurrencies to get an hamburger offered from the market.

Hacker managed to steal about 100M$ from the BSC. Fraud has been limited thanks to the possibility of stopping the blockchain. How much time was going to be necessary for a decentralized Blockchain? What do you think of this?

Bitcoin’s hashrate reaches a new ATH, making the network even more distributed but lowering the rewards for miners.

Russia gives electricity to Kazakhstan to feed cryptocurrency mining operations. Is Russia so isolated and so dramatically balanced like the media are telling us?

Tether increases the exposure to Treasury Bills. Considering that USA economy is considered to be on the edge of the abyss, is this a good news or a bad news?

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