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Lexus NFTs arrive on Polygon. Another TOP deal for MATIC

Lexus will issue NFTs minted on Polygon to Lexus Performance Driving School (LPDS) participants as a memento of their track experience. Toyota’s premium brand has organized fast driving courses at the legendary Laguna Seca circuit in Monterey, California.

With a professional driver as their instructor, participants will learn techniques for driving a sports car between the curbs, be engaged in a series of timed laps, and learn how to control the car in borderline conditions.

Their performances will be recorded by on-board telemetry, and will be delivered to drivers via NFT. A short onboard video for each driver will also be released with the token.

Lexus Performance Driving School is a fast and sporty driving program sought by Toyota’s premium brand. A day spent among the Laguna Seca curbs and briefing rooms in which to learn track driving techniques and then put them into practice, stopwatch in hand. Serving as instructor will be Scott Pruett, former Le Mans winner and Lexus Brand Ambassador, among others.

Participants will be engaged in timed challenges, controlled skidding tests, fast laps and anything else a motoring enthusiast can imagine. All at the legendary WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, scene of epic challenges in Formula Indy and MotoGp. As a reminder of the day, participants will receive NFTs in which they can retrace their experience on the track.

Lexus is the premium brand of Toyota wanted by Eiji Toyoda himself. The late industrialist, former chairman of the world’s first automotive group, wanted to compete with Audi, Mercedes, and BMW in markets around the world. To do so, he needed high-end cars that were luxurious but also at least as fast and reliable as their European competitors.

It was therefore necessary to deploy huge economic forces and the most innovative things the Toyota group had at its disposal: production plants, technologies, as well as the best resources in research and development. It was a successful challenge, with Lexus cars being among the best-selling premium cars to date, thanks to the extremes of technological research that have characterized the parent company since its inception.

A challenge that in the days of blockchain finds natural expression in the good that technologies borrowed from the industry have to offer. An ecosystem that is still far from expressing its full potential, and that in the automotive sector finds more than one happy declination of use.

Lexus’s is a pleasant initiative that will certainly serve to build customer loyalty by leveraging the popularity of Non Fungible Tokens, but it certainly does not represent the only use case in the industry. Among luxury manufacturers for example we find Lamborghini and its NFT collections with which it is preparing the launch of its next model.

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