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Is Crypto Actually Doing Anything?

DOGE to the moon, Bitcoin is the currency of the future and Ethereum is a world computer that brings the internet and capitalism to a global audience. We live in an era of emotional decisions. Everything we do is impacted by emotion and non-fungible technicalities.

Do we even use logic anymore? We are so damn lazy and all we care about is instant gratification and greed. The future is meaningless, money is abundant, and inflation runs rampant. We need crypto to satisfy our desires and fix all the world’s problems. These are proven facts… right?

How do we keep up with all the hype? How do we follow the trends and become rich ourselves? Are we playing a game we can’t win? Are we clinging on to a dream of immutable money because we are selfish and want to become rich ourselves? Maybe we are hypocrites, maybe all we really want is to cling to an idea that crypto can make the world a better place because deep down we just want to become rich ourselves. This game we created with our ambition and dreams. This game is the spawn of one of the most pivotal dreams on the planet, the American Dream.

I am not writing this to persuade anyone. Although no matter the intentions someone will read this and feel some kind of way. Maybe its you, maybe you will contemplate your life, the future and the whole point of all this nonsense. But what is the nonsense? Is it crypto? Is it our ideals? Is it the history we weren’t even around to experience that influenced the way that we live? Maybe everything led to this… I mean obviously, that’s how life works right?

What if I said we have always been this way? Nothing has changed. Nothing at all but the screen in front of your face. Is there any one thing that will fix all our problems? Has there ever been?

The market is crashing, sentiment is sinking, our jobs are dissolving, and hope is following suit. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. History repeats itself all the time. We are humans. We struggle with our place on this Earth. We wish to define who we are and how we feel. The internet has brought that to a head once again. We have access like never before. Privilege and power like never before. But there is accountability in this responsibility and perhaps that lies within the discovery of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We want to better our lives. We want to make an impact on the future and to never be forgotten. We want systems that reach into the stars. Whether we acknowledge it or not, as humans our survival matters. But not just that, we want to thrive. We want humans around us that care about the future, because we know if their future is bright, it will push us to become more. Perhaps through immutability and decentralization, crypto is the accountability we need. Maybe it is an incentive to press us into a new age of freedom and self fulfilment. But first, maybe we must come to terms with ourselves.

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