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Introducing new powerful features on altFINS!

Source: altFINS

altFINS was launched in 2020 and from this time its still improving and adding new features which help every crypto trader and investor to find and execute crypto trades and investments.

altFINS has this time added:

  1. TradingView charts
  2. Categories
  3. Coin Details

TradingView charts. Use TradingView charts with advanced analytics and do your own technical analysis in Trade section on altFINS: https://altfins.com/trade

Trade coins across multiple exchanges. You can easily connect your altFINS account to your exchange accounts via API connections.

Currently altFINS enables API connectivity with the following exchanges.

  1. Binance (see how to connect)
  2. Bitfinex (see how to connect)
  3. Bittrex (see how to connect)
  4. HitBTC (see how to connect)
  5. Kraken (see how to connect)
  6. Poloniex (see how to connect)

altFINS does not charge any trading fees or markups. Fees are charged by exchanges where your trades are executed.

Source: altFINS

2. Categories. Search for coins in different categories, such as Research, Health, Education, Sharing Economy, Logistic etc. Find out which category perform the best and which coins are top gainers and top losers within the category.

Source: altFINS

3. Coin details. altFINS screener offers one pager details for aprox. 2000 cryptocurrencies. This coin details includes Chart, Leading Indicators, Moving averages, Performance, Chart pattern and Technical analysis (if available), Crypto news, Crypto events and Description of a certain coin.

Go to altFINS screener and click on “eye” icon to see all important analytics and news for each coin.

Source: altFINS

Do you have some questions? Contact us on marketing@altFINS or visit our official altFINS telegram chat: https://t.me/altfinsofficialchat .

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