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By akohad Oct16,2022


From Kid Cudi to Warner Music Group, October has already seen some notable names gravitate toward the NFT space. Here’s a run down of what’s been and what is still to come in all things music & web3:

Annika Rose, a newcomer to the NFT scene, made her web3 debut earlier this month. The 20-year-old songwriter partnered up with artist advocate Nvak Collective to release just 25 minted NFTs of her latest tune, “Bruises”. As more up-and-comers choose the web3 route, it should be eye-opening to see just how lucrative and rewarding blockchain technology can be for those who utilize it.

On the EDM front, Dutch producer and DJ San Holo announced his upcoming NFT drop on October 15th. The project, titled “Floating Fragments”, will contain segments of music set to generative visual art — an EDM-infused treasure hunt of sorts. Redeemable physical collectables will be attached to each purchase of “Floating Fragments”. NFT holders can also piece together these fragments to create a whole track, which will put them in the running to win a limited edition vinyl from the artists himself!

Hip-hop wizard Kid Cudi has a three-pronged approach to releasing his latest album, Entergalactic. A digital release, a Netflix series and now an NFT collaboration are all part of Cudi’s latest foray into the digital realm. He has partnered up with web3 music company Secret Garden to concoct unique AI-generated visualizers for each of Entergalactic’s fifteen tracks. We look forward to witnessing the mash-up of psychedelic visuals with Kid Cudi’s well-known proclivity for smooth-sailing hip-hop ballads.

Secret Garden aren’t done with October, either. They have also partnered up with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda to release “Windchime”. The extensive project features 2,000 individual pieces of artwork that have been rendered (along with Mike Shinoda’s help) into interactive music players. A truly novel concept, fans of Shinoda — and music interactivity in general — can capatalize on this one-of-a-kind NFT on OpenSea. Secret Garden’s co-founder Eric Gao even joined Shinoda to discuss the release and all things web3, blockchain and NFTs.

Though the NFT space has been outspoken in its support of amateur artists (and helping them to bypass the tedious route of succeeding through a label), it’s with particular interest we note Warner Music Group’s arrival on NFT shores. Earlier this month WMG announced a collaboration with OpenSea under the moniker “Probably A Label”, aiming to bolster and support Warner artists by introducing them to the world of web3. The project has surfaced in the form of Label Scout tokens — basically NFTs that act allow purchasers to access PAL’s music ecosystem. According to WMG, “Probably A Label” will work to gain artists a deeper connection with their fans, as well as a greater sense of ownership and earnings.

Finally, our October NFT highlight for the exciting merging of the art and music worlds: Slabheads — The Musical Collection! This truly unique collection of digital artworks by KMC demonstrates the artist’s ability to caricature different musical genre icons, from Lenny Kravitz to Bob Marley. One of the most promising aspects of web3 is the ability for artists to combine different mediums to create sensory-expansive experiences. That these collaborations are underpinned with the values of fair ownership and distribution is likely to draw more and more talented musicians and artists toward the ever-growing NFT space.

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