“CIC is powered by our state of the art ‘Imprism’ technology.

It’s fast, robust, reliable and scalable.” Jared Robinson C.E.O CIC LABS LTD

Imprism technology is a hybrid consensus mechanism which combines PoS (Proof of Stake) and PoA (Proof of Authority), and when combined, we get ‘PoSA’ (Proof of Stake Authority). To help understand the consensus mechanism, its identical to what is used by the Binance Smart Chain. Proof of Staked Authority is impressive in its own rights but implementing our Imprism technology in combination with PoSA makes it more efficient and reduces our carbon footprint. ‘PoR’ (Proof of Refraction) was developed to fix the scalability issues found in PoS blockchains, by making them up to 90% more efficient.

An ordinary triangular prism can divide, or rather refract white light into its elemental colors, known as the spectrum. Proof of Refraction, in other words, is about how the blockchain refracts or divides data into smaller fragments and disburses them in several directions, simultaneously. Once the refraction happens, data is stored into the blockchain forever. The smaller fragments of data are refracted and split across several nodes. This process requires less resources and simplifies how the data is stored and because there is considerably less work to do, this make’s the whole process up to 90% more efficient. This technology reduces the overall energy consumption and physical demand on the nodes and chain as a whole. All the information is still stored on the blockchain, and the refraction process allows you to access only the parts you need, when you need them, without compromising speed, security, or scalability, while maintaining decentralization.

When a transaction occurs on the blockchain, it creates a unique cryptographic hash code. This hash code is really an encrypted message that will appear like this, ‘0x3af42t54’, and this hash code stores the necessary information of the transaction, in an encrypted format. As a blockchain grows and has more users, the number of transactions grows. This means more cryptographic codes will be generated for each transaction and therefore more and more data is used over time. Imprism intelligently reduces the space in which this encrypted data is stored. The hash code ‘0x3af42t54’ is altered to a much more manageable ‘0x’. On the surface, it looks as though there’s not much information, and this is because it has been refracted and simultaneously organized into smaller relevant pieces of data before being stored.

“A very complex system, which reduces the need to store a full larger picture of every transaction in every place — Imprism saves only the exact information it needs in the exact place that information needs to be, massively reducing waste energy and time and preventing congestion of the network as it grows.” Jared Robinson C.E.O. CIC Labs LTD

Without the use of Imprism Technology, the current system in place would utilize a character string that is much longer than ‘0x’, and because its longer this will also take more time to retrieve the relevant data associated with it. The lengthier the process, the more resources that are needed. Thus not making this current system very ideal.

Imprism technology also incorporates instant finality. This means that transactions are confirmed instantly, then sent to the blockchain for processing. Imprism was created with scalability, speed, cost, security and longevity in mind. At peak times, you will never wait, nor have to pay extravagant GWEI or gas fees. The block time for CIC Chain is currently 5 seconds, this means that all transfers will be completed and stored within 5 seconds, because they are sent to the blockchain for validation immediately. In times there are no blocks being created, we have a unique feature called Ecoblock that engages. This will take the block time from 5 seconds to up to 60 seconds. Ecoblock reduces resource usage substantially and is a testament to our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

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