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How to Earn NFTs for Free

The evolution of NFTs on the blockchain has been one of the most intriguing over the past couple of years. NFTs have transformed from mere images of apes into a tangible asset class. Today, they represent physical assets such as luxury clothes, footwear, and real estate.


Today, several industries and sectors continue to explore innovative ways to deploy NFTs. The reason for this can be attributed to the ability of NFTs to permanently represent valuable assets on the blockchain. Instances of NFT adoption already abound in sectors such as real estate, luxury items, drinks, event ticketing, and supply chain.

A report has estimated that the NFT market will be worth $231 billion by 2030. This is a feasible estimate given the rapid rate of adoption across industries. Yet, there is room for beginners to earn free NFTs in this rapidly evolving market.

In this piece, we discuss three ways you can earn NFTs for free.

Play-to-earn is a form of blockchain gaming where players can earn rewards as they progress through a game. What makes play-to-earn interesting is that rewards can be in the form of tokens or NFTs.

Play-to-earn is one of the most feasible ways for you to earn NFTs. The P2E economy came to prominence in 2021 following the massive success that followed Axie Infinity. Today, there are several P2E games around that enable players to earn NFTs as rewards.

You can simply keep your NFTs when you win them through P2E. Alternatively, you can decide to sell them on dedicated marketplaces at handsome prices.

NFT breeding is closely tied to blockchain gaming. In this instance, you can simply combine your existing NFTs to create new NFTs that are mixed versions of both.

For beginners, starting out with play-to-earn could be a good way to amass NFTs. You could proceed to breed new NFTs if such a mechanism exists in your chosen game. However, you should ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. Some NFT games that enable breeding are Monster Clan and CyberKongz.

The good thing about breeding NFTs is that you can create multiple NFTs from your original collection. These breeds can then be used in-game, or you could sell them off on dedicated marketplaces.

Airdrop is another option that you can explore to acquire free NFTs. Airdrop is a marketing option that blockchain-based projects explore from time to time. In an airdrop, projects directly credit tokens into the wallet addresses of community members.

In the case of an NFT airdrop, NFT projects gift members of their communities NFTs. Usually, airdrops are tied to tasks. Oftentimes, community members are expected to complete stipulated tasks before they are issued rewards. These tasks can range from retweets and shares to inviting new members to the community.

You can become a winner if you successfully complete the tasks stated in an NFT airdrop. However, NFT airdrops are not as common as regular token airdrops. You should check out dedicated online platforms if you wish to explore this option. Nevertheless, you should be mindful of falling victim to scams.

If you are considering venturing into NFTs, now could be the best time for you to do so. The potential for growth is high, and fortunately, you can still earn free NFTs. If you ever need the motivation to get started with NFT, you might be interested to know that popular NFT collections like Genuine Undead and Goblintown started out as free mints.

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