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How To Back Up Your Bitcoin In Case Of Emergency With The Hodlr One Titanium

An Introduction To Bitcoin Seed Phrases

This article demonstrates how to use the Hodlr One Titanium Bitcoin seed phrase backup from Hodlr Swiss.

When taking self-custody of your bitcoin it is important to ensure you have a good system in place to back up your private keys. In the event that you lose access to your Bitcoin wallet, whether it’s a desktop wallet, a mobile wallet or a hardware wallet, your backup phrase is what enables recovering your bitcoin.

A widely-accepted method used to make this backup information easier for humans to handle is called BIP39. This method involves converting the numbers used to derive your extended private key into human-readable words, selected from the 2,048 words found on the standardized English word list. Each word on the list corresponds to an index number and no two words on the list begin with the same four-letter sequence. Samourai Wallet, Sparrow Wallet, COLDCARD, Passport and SeedSigner, among many others, are just a few examples of wallets that will present the bitcoin recovery information as a list of words following the BIP39 standard, known as a “seed phrase.”

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