How I got 104 referrals to an affiliate program in 2 weeks: Ultimate Guide

By akohad Oct31,2022


Hey Do you want to start affiliate marketing? Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing? Do you want to see quick results in affiliate marketing? Do you want to get referrals for free?

Then this article is the best place for you, as today I am going to tell you how I got more than 104 referrals to an affiliate program. I am going to tell you how you can do it as well, and see super quick results!

Best of all- You can use this method for any affiliate program, and that too for absolutely free and could get results as quick as me, 2 weeks for 104 referrals!

So, let’s get started with the step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing-

I got these referrals to honeygain in less than 2 weeks, the above photo shows the proof that I actually got them, my first referral came on 15 October, 2022 and today is 30th October 2022 and I have more than 104 referrals and it’s only been 2 weeks.

All these referrals I got from medium, medium is the platform that you are reading this article on right now. It is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing and is very easy to grow even for beginners. You can create articles and upload them to medium.

But the question comes on how to do it step-by-step?

Below are the steps to begin-

  1. If you don’t have a medium account already, make sure to create one.
  2. Then click on the create story icon on medium.
  3. Now an empty story will appear, here we can create an article and publish it.

But we must know a lot before we create an article, so now let’s see how to create an article that converts.

Now it is time to create an outline for our article, which will simply have everything which we aim at writing in our article, and also the subheadings of our article. Below are the factors you need to care about while creating an outline-

  1. Create a title that solves a problem for people, for eg. how to make x amount of money, how to do this or that. Create something that people want to know about, make sure it is related to the affiliate product you want to promote.
  2. Create a step-by-step guide to get the highest conversion rate, for that you need to write down all the steps and mention your affiliate program during the steps.
  3. Create subheadings like step 1: Signup to X service , step 2: Do this with X service , in these steps we add call to actions to get leads to our affiliate program.

Now, if you would follow the above 3 steps I guarantee you would have a perfect and high conversion rate outline ready, but please click here to see an article I wrote that promotes honeygain, this will give you a quick idea about everything.

Now that we have created an outline, it is time to create the actual article, in this we are going to follow certain requirements to get a high conversion rate, below are the requirements-

  1. Make sure to create a dashing introduction, for that to happen, you have to first explain why people clicked your article, then what this article will solve for them, then what is the best thing about this article that is useful for them, this creates the best introduction that will keep readers reading.
  2. Make sure your first subheading explains about what is in the article in a brief, add a call to action to it to keep readers stuck, for eg. later in this article I will tell you a bonus method how to make the most money etc.
  3. Then finally the step-by-step subheadings we created, write the steps for them, now the most important thing here is that within those steps you must include your affiliate links 8-12 times in an article, it works best when the affiliate program you use offers some kind of bonus, like the honeygain affiliate program offers $5 to anyone who signs up through our link, so I can say click here to get a $5 signup bonus.
  4. Also a really advanced tip is to make sure to create a call-to-action in the conclusion of the article so that anyone who likes the article, can let’s say clap your article, follow you or subscribe to your mailing list.

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Now comes the most important aspect for getting traffic to your article organically, and that is medium publications. My article get thousands of views due to medium publications. But the question comes how to find a medium publication?

Below are the steps-

  1. Recognize your niche related to the affiliate product, my niche is crypto, so I reached out to a crypto publication coinmonks which has more than 45k followers! Which itself boosts our views soo much.
  2. To do this I checked out how I can publish for their publication. I reached out to Coinmonks Team through telegram, I contacted Harshita Katiyar, she is a editor in the coinmonks publication.
  3. They approved me as they liked my article, so basically you can get approved for any publication if you follow all the steps in the article carefully.

Now simply you need to publish your article by hitting the publish button and add it to the publication, here are some key points to take care of-

  1. Make sure to use a nice thumbnail image that attracts readers.
  2. Add 5 tags that are related to your article.
  3. Add a optimized meta description.

Now, hit the publish button and then click the 3 dots after going to the article then hit add to publication, and now choose the publication that you got accepted for.

So after reading this article, I am sure that you would be able to begin your affiliate marketing journey, and if you follow the above steps very carefully, you would see quick results like I did.

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