Hope Is Not A Strategy

By akohad Oct19,2022


Take back control

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One of my friends started a cannabis business recently and was looking for marketing advice from me today. He said, “I hope Facebook and Google enable ads for cannabis soon. That’ll make marketing my products much easier.” I agreed with his point but not with his mindset. I responded, “hope is not a strategy.” Mic drop I know! lol

He didn’t consider it a mic drop and made me explain my terse yet profound remark. I spent the next 20 minutes ranting on this idea and decided simultaneously that I’ll write about this today. Have to make sure that I get the most from that 20-minute rant!

Let me be clear. I’m not telling anyone not to be optimistic. I am always optimistic about the future. But that optimism has to be grounded in practicality and action. Sitting stagnantly while being optimistic accomplishes nothing. You have to recognise the hand you’re dealt and play your next move accordingly. Hoping for better cards in the next round is not a viable strategy.

If you’re an investor, you cannot look at your holdings and hope that they go up soon. That will cause unbearable anxiety every day they don’t go up because you are refusing to accept reality. There is a disconnect between reality and your ideal version of reality. This disconnect is the source of your anxiety. The smartest and most successful investors accept the situation they are in and make the best possible decisions at any given moment. They don’t hope that a bull market will return and their holdings will pump again. They train their minds in the bear market and outperform everyone when the bull market returns because, once again, they don’t hope that the price always keeps pumping. They take profits along the way because they don’t want to rely on hope.

If you’re an artist, you shouldn’t hope that you wake up tomorrow to a sold-out collection. This will cause the same anxiety mentioned above every day that you wake up with unsold pieces in your collection. Take action! Ask yourself every day — ‘what can I do to increase my chances of selling them?’ Try to come up with innovative ways of marketing your pieces. Try different things. Try. Don’t hope. Try and fail. Get up again the next day and try something new. Fail again. Keep on trying. You’ll succeed eventually because the human spirit is undefeated. When you take back control in your own hands, instead of arbitrary hope, you’ll feel the energy in everything you do. Every day that you fail to sell should make you even more energized. Challenge reality and bend it to your will. It will eventually because reality has a funny way of rewarding those who take action.

If you’re an NFT project founder, don’t hope that your floor price will pump magically. Don’t hope that your next activation is a hit. Don’t treat your project as a movie production, where you work in secrecy for months and then hope that it is loved by the space. This is the riskiest and most anxiety-filled move you can make. Test out your hypothesis with a small group of engaged community members. If they like it, expand that test group by a magnitude of 5 and test it out again with a slightly bigger budget. Allow for radical honesty within that test group. Take their feedback seriously and scrap the idea if it is not liked by the majority. I would advise creating a ‘red team’ whose sole job is to find holes in your hypothesis. The execution coming out of this struggle between the team trying to build and the team giving critical feedback at every step will be much better than the one built in isolation. Hoping, in your case, is gambling, and you’re not gambling with your own money but with your community’s money.

So, I hope that you stop relying on hope and start taking action. I did my part by writing this. Do yours!

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