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Game-changer week in USA, DOGE +70% and Paypal entering the crypto-space

Week full of important news!
Happy reading!

DOGE pumping +70% from the previous base price. And that’s a fact. But, is DOGE really a worthy coin, or is it just floating up and down from the news released from the crypto-maniac Elon Musk? Well, that is still not clear BUT from DOGE I like one thing: it’s a boat with no managing crew, into the Sea. Meaning, that it can become another example of decentralization.

FTX is going to launch soon its Stablecoin. Aren’t we going overflood in Stables? Or are there an attempt to stop and create alternatives to CBDCs?


Paypal and Western Union are ready to enter the Crypto-space. Both of them submitted three applications for patents and brands related to the crypto-space.
Like Brian May once (more or less) sang: “Mass adoption is at a gonna-come”.

15 different scam smart contracts are created every our in Web3. Before making any decision or taking into consideration putting your money into a project that your friend is suggesting you look for information on the internet. Before being amused by huge numbers they are going to tell you.

Source: https://www.filastrocche.it/contenuti/il-pifferaio-magico/

Upcoming news that I will pay a lot of attention to:
2 November (tomorrow): FED will communicate new interest rates. We are expecting 75 base points, but the rumor still needs to be confirmed.

8 November: half mandate elections in USA. If Biden may lose track, I expect an immediate bad reaction from markets but if Trump will be again the leader of the leading coalition, I expect different market and financial attitude.

10 November: new USA inflation data

An upcoming week full of potential surprises, so brace yourself!

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