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Friends and supporters of BTC #7: Mike Novogratz

I’m tuned into crypto everyday and often find daily news about a very influential person in the cryptocurrency industry. His name is Mike Novogratz.

Mike Novogratz

57, American investor, he is the current CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, startups, and qualified individuals shape a changing economy providing platform solutions custom-made for a digitally native ecosystem.

Galaxy Investment Partners

He joined the investments sector for the first time in 1989 with Goldman Sachs as a short-term bond salesman. Prior to his current company, he held important positions at Fortress Investments. Novogratz served on the New York Federal Reserve’s Investment Advisory Committee on Financial Markets from 2012–2015 and now serves as the Chairman of The Bail Project. He also sits on the Board of Overseers at NYU Langone Medical Center and is a board member of Princeton Varsity Club and Jazz Foundation of America. Mr. Novogratz received an AB in Economics from Princeton University.

According to The New Yorker, in 2013 Novogratz invested $ 7 million of his own money in cryptocurrencies (when the value of BTC was about $ 100). He stated in 2017 that 20% of his net worth was in BTC and ETH. He says he made $250 million from cryptocurrencies from 2016–2017. Novogratz has called himself “the Forrest Gump of Bitcoin.”

In November 2019 Novogratz announced Galaxy Digital Holding Ltd.’s launch of two Bitcoin funds for accredited and institutional investors targeting “America’s wealth” or people in their 50s and 80s who may be left behind largely on the fringes of cryptocurrency investments. In March 2021 Novogratz affirmed that he was shocked by the speed of the crypto adoption and that even his bullish outlook for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by major institutions wasn’t aggressive enough.

Novogratz has a likeable and easy-going character and caters above all to the average citizen in his radio and TV interviews. In May 2021 he announced on Twitter his new podcast Next with Novo where talks a lot about the crypto space and more. His purpose is purely educational and funny at the same time. This is a recent interview of Novogratz for CNBC. He affirms that despite the bear market Bitcoin remains a strong macro asset.

One last curiosity about Mike Novogratz: on his right arm he has a tattoo with Bitcoin and the Moon, on his left arm a tattoo referring to the UST/LUNA crash.

The LUNA tattoo of Mike Novogratz

“My tattoo will be a constant reminder that venture investing requires humility.” he said.

Tell me if you want me to write an article about a particular person who in your opinion supports Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Consider this space a place to talk without censorship.

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