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Exchange Cryptocurrency for Gold 🪙 pieces with Apraemio.

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“….holders will be eligible to receive physical/ Tangible gold in exchange for their tokens…..”

Who doesn’t like Gold? I bet no one would refuse when given a nugget or a little piece of gold.

Then read this article to the end: $APRA, a deflationary utility token of APRAEMIO is a New token that bridges the Blockchain Technology & the Gold mining ⛏️ industries together.

Kindly note that this is no financial advice, nor does any information in this article constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto.

About APRAEMIO; What is $APRA Token?
Now before we get to know what the $APRA token is, let’s get an overview of what APRAEMIO is all about.

APRAEMIO is a Cryptocurrency project whose aim and mission are to create a universal cryptocurrency that lays out the foundation of future crypto payments, while remaining an investment asset with a solid price floor and great ROI (Return On Investment) potential.

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In a simple sentence; The APRAEMIO ecosystem has come to stay.

This project relies upon combining the value appreciation of precious metals like Gold, the experience of the companies behind the project, as well as the high probability of high gold reserves due to the geological surveys conducted.

The APRAEMIO project is not just standing alone, depending only on investors’ money. It will be backed by its growing gold reserve and Legit Partnering Companies, one of which is the Green Gold System which has a Gold Mining region in Mali, Africa.

And so, talking about the $APRA token: This is the deflationary utility token of the APRAEMIO Ecosystem, which is backed by a growing basket of precious metals (mostly Gold) and a variety of use cases.

Also, the $APRA token is aimed at providing excellent ROI potential at low risk due to the rarity of the underlying assets backing the token.

Having said that, please note this: that $APRA token is more & like the fuel created by The APRAEMIO Team to run The APRAEMIO ecosystem.

$APRA token will not only be an all-around, low-risk investment asset with high potential ROI but also will offer a variety of innovative use cases.

In a nutshell, the Apraemio project is where tangible pure Gold mining and Blockchain Technology meet. And investing in this project makes you part of it.

Verified Gold pieces from Mali. Photo from Green Gold System website

One of the aspects that excites me about investing and becoming part of this project is what is called the Gold Redemption Programme:

This is where $APRA Token holders will be eligible to receive physical/ Tangible gold in exchange for their tokens and continuous distribution rounds in the future.

So it is not just a one-time exchange of $APRA token to tangible gold, but a continuous one in different rounds.

The company behind this project is a large group of companies with subsidiaries in various countries.

One of its subparts, Green Gold System Europe SARL, has acquired the research and exploitation rights on a 65 km² perimeter situated in South Mali.

Photo from Green Gold System website

The company has conducted a geological survey using advanced satellite imaging technology, which suggested that there are precious metal reserves potentially amounting to anywhere between 100 and 500 tons of gold.

The total market value of these assets is estimated to be at least 5.5 billion EUR.

Well, I will recommend you check out the Green Gold System website @ ggs.gold to have a clearer picture of what this company is all about.

Other Companies include; Apesco Holding Limited, Art Property (Real estate), Arteus Capital GmbH, Cartis Flottakezelő Kft. For more information about this, download & read the white Paper via Apraemio’s official website.

How do I Start Investing?
Due to the rising inflation levels and struggling financial markets, we have been experiencing, investors are desperately looking for ways to hedge against it.

Alternative investment opportunities such as precious metals, most especially Gold, have been historically considered some of the best hedging tools against inflation.

Photo by Green Gold System

The Apraemio project with its $APRA utility token is set to provide a solution to all of the aforementioned challenges.

You can start now by signing up & joining the Presale to buy $APRA tokens (which is ongoing as of the time of this writing) by using the link below :


Make sure to also join the Discord community & all other social media platforms through this same site to receive reliable updates & information.

Purchases can be made with wallet connect on Binance Smart Chain or with other chains like Bitcoin, Ethereum or fiat (for now, only through the official site as at the time of this writing).

Every information one needs to know about APRAEMIO, It’s $APRA token and Sales is clearly stated on its white paper.

In summary: By purchasing $APRA tokens you are funding & investing in the gold mining operations in South Mali, your token is backed by a growing supply of gold.

And at the heart of the APRAEMIO’s ecosystem is the Gold Redemption Program that offers token holders the possibility to exchange their $APRA tokens for real gold mined through the exploration project with large proven reserves.

Do well to also watch an enlightening video (2mins) about the Apraemio project on our YouTube channel.
See you at the top!

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