En route to becoming a smart contract auditor — Week 2

By akohad Oct16,2022


Week 2: The Blessed Boy

Its been another short week yet it felt like many things happened. Well not “many” but 2 eventful thing to be precise. How the first one unfold was when I’m trying to push myself harder by finding someone to work together or some relevant junior level projects. Search for a while, nothing eye catching.

Poking and asking around different discord and telegrams and met a mentor (Jonny). Jonny proposed an interoperable multisig DAO + tokenized + stat + game + minter project for me to build and gladly give me some guidance here and there. Why would I back down! Challenge accepted!

Second one was a lovely kiss came right from the dead! I applied to a ETHDenver solidity bootcamp through Encode Club last month. Many weeks had past, I was definitely disappointed as I assume I wasn’t selected after so many weeks (I even sent two entry probably looked bootlicking desperate lmao). Surprise surprise, out of sudden I got email reply from Encode Club for interview, excited nonetheless!! That day I didn’t sleep well (too excited) and I definitely lose focus on my studies abit trying to prepare interview and calm my head.

2 days after the interview I got email replied…I’m in!!!! *#$&*#!!!!!! (me expressing how excited I was through words not cursing orait). Although nothing really takes shape yet but it’s a start with a sprinkle of blessing.

💡 What I’m working on?

10 Oct Mon < 4 hours

  • CryptoZombie (8/14): Testing Smart Contracts with Truffle (✅)

Logics of writing truffle Js test script (set up > act > assert). Remark on how to write neat test code using beforeEach, context and chai assertion library

Working on breaking down DAO multisig wallet contract functions and writing one to integrate for our project

11 Oct Tues < 2 hours

Had a call with Jonny to discuss overview and flow of the project.

Working on DAO multisig contract.

12 Oct Wed < 3 hours

Working on DAO multisig contract

13 Oct Thurs < 3 hours

Working on DAO multisig contract

14 Oct Fri < 1 hours

Working on DAO multisig contract

  • Received reply from encode club, prepare onboarding items. Hooray!

15 Oct Sat < 6 hours

  • Reading about constructor. Link1 Link2
  • Mentorship Project

Working on DAO multisig contract

  • ETHDenver bootcamp: Pre-work (75%)

Read on Ethereum101 by Secureum (80/101).

Watched about asymmetric encryption .

Read on differences between internet and blockchain .

Read on Ethereum whitepaper (25%).

16 Oct Sun < 3 hours

  • ETHDenver bootcamp: Pre-work (✅)

Read on Ethereum101 by Secureum ().

Read on Ethereum whitepaper ().

Working on DAO multisig contract

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