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Do you know your memory type?

Do you know your memory type? How understanding your cognitive abilities can lead you to a higher salary.

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Many people believe that memory is something unique, and they refer to it as having more or less memory. The use of memory is something that differentiates us from other animals, and makes us able to make decisions with the information we have stored from everything we have experienced up to that moment, we can even represent our future with information from previous events.

But memory is not a single, solid entity, it is divided into several types and these types, depending on how developed each one of them is, have a direct impact on our economy.

Let’s first look at the main memory types:

Declarative memory is one that allows you to remember information explicitly. That is, they are the knowledge that we can declare with words or images. It is divided into two types: episodic memory and semantic memory.

Episodic memory is the ability to recall past events in our life, as a kind of autobiography. It allows us to remember specific details of a moment in time, such as where we were, who we were with, and what we were doing.

On the other hand, semantic memory allows us to remember abstract concepts, such as names of countries, capitals, languages, vocabulary, among others.

Procedural memory: It is a memory of skills related to knowing how to do things. Includes motor and cognitive skills.

So in a world where different types of work, having developed one type of memory or another can exert leverage on your economy in an exponential way on occasions.

The combination of several memories would be ideal, but it does not always happen.
From less to more these are the types of memory that well developed can make you earn more money.
While both types of memory are important, having a well-developed semantic memory can have a significant impact on your salary. This is because it is a type of memory that is used in jobs that require a large amount of specific knowledge, such as medicine, law, or engineering. The more a person knows about their area of expertise, the more valuable their knowledge will be, and therefore the higher their salary will be. Although this is not the memory that will make you stand out above your sector.

Let’s start with the most basic types of memory first and work our way up to the one that matters the most and earns you the most money.

Procedural memory is the ability to remember how to do things, like riding a bike or driving a car. It is a type of memory that is acquired through practice and repetition. As a skill is practiced, the neural connections that support it are strengthened, making it easier to remember how to do it in the future.

Having a well-developed procedural memory can be beneficial in jobs that involve repetitive tasks and fine motor skills, such as machine building or line production. In these jobs, repetition can improve efficiency, and people with well-developed procedural memory can complete tasks faster and with fewer errors. Although these jobs don’t usually pay very well, they can be a good fit for people who want to make quick money and don’t have a specialized education. Although there are exceptions where procedural memory helps a lot to be the best, for example in sports, repetition and improvement leads to faster and more effective hand movements in tennis, the obstacle course runner to improve his career, etc.

Be it semantic, due to the active understanding of all the new daily processes that are being executed, or episodic, with which to know what to do at what moment, this type goes a step further. You need to retrieve information both to put context to past events and to use the compilation of everything you have experienced to make sense of the actions you have pending.

The types of work that mark declarative memory are not so mechanical. Since they use our experiences to solve problems that without that past we will take longer.

Types of work facing the public or, commercial, have to have a great capacity to, for example, keep in mind the work system that your company wants and how to solve customer problems with that information. Everything that has to do with solving problems that have a flexible routine base is within this type that we have framed.

In offices, the administration work has a routine part where procedural memory is used since there are many routine things, such as making copies, filing, transferring information with email, opening and closing programs to store data, etc, with one more part. dynamic that has to do with the unique resolution to a situation.

This type of work usually has a higher remuneration and could lead to a promotion if the person solves problems in an agile way within the company’s ideology.

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Finally, we refer to the one that can make you earn more money

This memory is a limited and immediate capacity memory system that deals with maintaining, processing and updating information in a flexible way for a short time. Although sometimes used interchangeably with Short Term Memory, it is a more active and dynamic type of memory. The capacity (amount of information that can be kept in memory).
Working memory can integrate perceptions and actions into goal-directed behavior, reasoning, and language.
Having a good working memory makes you able to use all the information you have from your past, relate it to future events, and process important decision-making at the moment.

Let’s take an air traffic controller, for example, who, although he uses a routine procedure below his daily work and uses his acquired knowledge for the position he occupies, must, on occasions, make quick decisions so that everything continues to work correctly.

A business agreement, where the decision, even after a period of reflection, your mind must interpret what will happen once the agreement is signed.

Solving problems in a fast, organized and successful way is a combination of all types of memory that takes working memory as main memory.

The personnel involved in Research and Development have a high working memory that helps them to be able to advance in a new system or improvement that did not exist yet. Scientists, engineers, etc., everyone who has to create a future with knowledge of the present or, as we have said before, has to solve complex situations at a given moment, has much more chances of having a better salary or developing a project or company at other level.

Having a good working memory can exponentially help you earn more money, have higher social status and financial success.

Developing your working memory is a constant task based on having good foundations from previous memories.

As they say we are the result of our past decisions. So if you know how to give context to the present situation based on what you have known so far, you can obtain results that take you to another level.

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