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By akohad Oct17,2022


Oct 17th, 2022

Today’s DeFi data&news Brought to you by DeFi Insight

This report simplifies and clarifies what MATIC is, the problem MATIC has tried to solve and its development since its launch. Strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, core components and network architecture are also covered.

Polygon is a company with a growing suite of products that offers developers access to Layer 2 solutions and their main chain, Polygon POS, to scale Ethereum. Layer 2 removes the transactional burden and only communicates with Layer 1 to settle transactions with small security messages. This reduction in base layer congestion increases throughput and decreases cost. Leading by most metrics, the extent of Polygon’s security, decentralisation and adoption sits between layer 1s such as Solana and Avalanche and layer 2s such as Arbitrum and Optimism. Yet, still, some risks are of note. Polygon’s dependence on Ethereum and focus on Zero-Knowledge technology (the ability to verify blocks without revealing information) is innovative yet unproven and early. ” @Source


Aave’s Stablecoin $GHO Has First Audit Completed, Testnet Deployment to Be Made in Weeks

The address labeled as Justin sun has withdrawn ~50M $USDT from Aave Protocol V2 and transferred this $USDT to an address funded by Poloniex


Wintermute Repays $92 Million TrueFi Loan on Time


Flashbots Reveals New Version of Its Key Ethereum Software


StarkWare President: StarkWare Native Token to Go On-Chain in October


Mango: Hackers have returned $67 million, next week will vote on distribution process

Mango Markets exploiter comes clean, claims all actions were legal


Aptos Restarts Aptos Labs Official Name Service Aptos Name Service


OpenSea: Temporarily Making Solana Collections Ineligible for Top and Trending on Homepage

Magic Eden Launches NFT Upgrade Service Allowing Creators to Enable New Revenue Stream


Former NEA Partner Amit Mukherjee launches Chainforest DAO to invest in early-stage web3 startups


Financial Stability Board (FSB) Publishes International Regulatory Framework for Crypto Assets


SBF: Support intermediaries to disclose derivatives trading information and conduct knowledge tests for investors

Cross-Chain Bridging — Current Risks & Future Development _thetie

Blockchains, fundamentally, are another type of database. Each blockchain is a separate database, with different relative strengths. These advantages are based on a core set of beliefs, and a technical approach built on those tenets for solving problems identified as most critical. As Layer 1s, Layer 2s, or sub-blockchains become increasingly specialized, there is potential for wide-scale adoption of a wide range of new utilities. But just as in traditional currencies, economic activity across chains necessitates an efficient and reliable system of exchange.

▪ The Social Token Thesis _messari

xNFTs: The Dark Horse of Mass Adoption _theblockresearch


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