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DeFi Insight | Battle of Crypto Titans Ends: Binance to Acquire FTX

November 9, 2022

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Today, Binance has agreed to acquire FTX in a deal that’s shocked even the most veteran of crypto acolytes.

What will this mean for the industry and trust in centralized crypto exchanges? ” @Source

| What the hell just happened in crypto?

Fully acquire FTX — CZ

FTX has reached an agreement with Binance on a strategic investment deal — SBF

Bankman-Fried apologizes to FTX investors for lack of communication over Binance deal

FTX is Lehman in the crypto circle, and the current market has not bottomed out — Arthur Hayes

Binance will start Proof of Reserves soon, guarantees full transparency — CZ

Huobi Global will prepare the Merkle tree reserve proof again — Justin Sun

OKX plans to release its Merkle tree reserve proof within the next 30 days

Network delays due to large number of new user registrations are now back to normal — Coinbase

FTX event will lead to tighter industry regulation — Coinbase CEO

FTX Incident Reminds Crypto Firms Not to Use Speculative Tokens as Balance Sheet Underlying Assets

Tether Does Not Have any Exposure to FTX or Alameda, Says Tether CTO

All products are functioning properly, the company is a commercial entity independent of FTX — BlockFi

Alameda Research Has $12.78M Loans on TrueFi and Clearpool

CZ: Binance Has Never Used $BNB for Collateral

Bankman-Fried’s priority crypto bill ‘dead’ after FTX sells to Binance

FTX implosion has U.S. regulators on watch

FTX, Binance Deal Draws Antitrust Concern

Avalanche Feels Impact of Bear Market _theblockresearch

  • The Avalanche ecosystem quickly rose to prominence in 2021 amidst growing concerns over scalability of the Ethereum network.
  • Avalanche subnets represent the network’s long-term strategy for scaling and initially reduced congestion on the Avalanche C-Chain, but activity on the primary network has remained muted since mid-2022.
  • A recent update to the Avalanche network has relaxed the capital requirements to becoming a subnet validator and enabled basic communication between subnet VMs, taking a step toward greater scaling functionality for subnets in the future.

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