Crypto Stories: Scott Melker tells the story of how he became The Wolf of All Streets

By akohad Mar21,2023


Scott Melker, commonly known in the crypto space as “The Wolf of All Streets,” tells the story of how he went from performing very poorly trading stocks and mutual funds to becoming one of the most-followed crypto analysts in the industry. 

In the latest episode of Cointelegraph’s Crypto Stories, Melker narrates the tale of how the name The Wolf of All Streets came about. According to Melker, it all started as a joke, as he was also known for being a disc jockey. He explains:

“Somebody jokingly told me that ‘Why are you talking about these charts, DJ? Stay in your lane. You know music — you don’t know anything about markets. You’re some kind of fake Wolf of Wall Street or something.’ And I said, ‘Ha, I’m the Wolf of All Streets.”

Melker says that he temporarily changed his name as a joke, but the nickname stuck, and people started calling him Wolf. “It was a joke, and I just sort of rolled with it,” he explains.

The analyst also tells the story of how he found crypto. Melker says he has always traded stocks because as a DJ, he had a lot of free time during the day. However, he wasn’t always successful. He highlights a number of times when he lost money after investing in various asset classes.

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After taking a few years off from investing, Melker found crypto around the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. “It was just very good luck and great timing, right? You didn’t have to be a great trader to make money in crypto in 2017,” he says. He explains that at the time, people just had to “buy stuff and watch it go up.”

“It started with Bitcoin, and Bitcoin was secretly very popular in the DJ community. In 2015, 2016, I started to hear about it.”

After finding success in trading, Melker now focuses on protecting his wealth and is not looking to grow his money aggressively through trading.