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Crypto Arena: Release Your Frustration and Fight for Rewards

Crypto Arena: Release Your Frustration and Fight for Rewards


Over the past 12 months, the financial markets, including the crypto and traditional finance sectors, encountered a series of catastrophic failures that left many investors scratching their heads and counting losses.

For instance, more than $650 billion was wiped off the crypto market following the collapse of Terra/LUNA in May and the bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX in November 2022. Similarly, investors lost billions of dollars after the United States recorded its second-biggest bank crash in history following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week. Amid the crisis, the country ordered two other banks to shut down operations to protect its banking system.

Coping with these losses as an investor can be a devastating experience that can bring about various emotions, such as frustration, disappointment, and anger. When investors lose money due to fraudulent schemes or the collapse of investments, they may feel a sense of betrayal or disillusionment. Losing money can cause anxiety and stress and, in extreme cases, may lead to depression.

But what if it’s possible to release these emotions in a fun and exciting way? That’s where CryptoArena comes in. It is a play-to-earn (P2E) fighting game on Cyber Arena for investors to vent the grief and frustrations that stem from their financial losses.


What is Cyber Arena?

Cyber Arena is a metaverse multiplayer play-to-earn (P2E) gaming platform where players participate in fighting contests and earn crypto rewards such as the CAT token.

Cyber Arena was created by the international gaming company Imperium Games. The game-developing firm has a history of aiding the production of successful games like Battlefield, Star Wars Rebellion, Mad Max, and the Witcher. Imperium boasts over eight years of teamwork and 30 million downloads from over 15 mobile games.
Among the project’s top executives are co-founders Nikola Paunovic and Stefan Milojkovic. Others include Vladimir Ilic, Djordje Dovedan, Sasa Bogdanovic, and Uros Arandjelovic.

Although the platform is built on the Dogechain network, users can bridge assets from popular blockchains by connecting a Web3 wallet.

Introducing Crypto Arena

Crypto Arena is a desktop and mobile minigame in the Cyber Arena ecosystem. It is a free 2.5D fighting game that allows players to compete in tournaments using the biggest names in the crypto industry.

The game was inspired by events that wreaked havoc in the crypto space during the 2022 bear market. These catastrophic events include the Terra blockchain collapse in May and the bankruptcy filings of FTX and popular crypto hedge fund Three Arrows. But despite the contagion, major industry players such as Binance and Ethereum brought smiles to investors’ faces. As such, the game tries to mimic famous and infamous figures in space.

Crypto Arena features 12 characters coined from the persona of real-world market players in the crypto industry. Here is an overview of the characters.

GOAT: The character portrays “a modern-day superhero” who explores life on Mars and protects social media from enemies.

DogeLord: This dog-structured game character is displayed as “the spirit of the people’s money.”

Sammy Bahamas: The character features a young billionaire who uses his money to fund politics and struggling hedge funds.

VitalETH: This character is an in-game genius who brought smart contracts to the galaxy.

Satoshi: The game character is touted as the king, creator, and father of the entire industry.

CE: The character portrays a crypto business tycoon who founded the largest centralized exchange – Finance.

Michael Pilot: This is a “chief defender of the Bitcoin Maxi’s,” whose mission is to eradicate all altcoins with his laser eyes.

Don’t Kwon: The game character gains fame through the “Terra’ble protocol” that crashed followers on Earth.

Broken Arrow: This is an influential VC fund whose positions were ruined by the “evil empire Dalameda Research.”

Diamond Hex: This is a big buyer claiming the best clothes and the biggest diamonds and creating the largest crypto communities.

BitMan: Referred to as Sammy Bahamas’ worst nightmare, the character receives buffs from hunting down villains.

Alski: The game character portrays the brains behind the collapsed centralized exchange Fahrenheit.

CAT Token

Cyber Arena Token (CAT) is a native cryptocurrency that powers the Cyber Arena gaming metaverse. It has a total supply of five billion tokens issued on the Dogechain network.

Players will be rewarded in CAT for winning fight tournaments, performing other activities within the game, and purchasing in-game items. CAT also plays a crucial role in token lockups, buybacks, burns, staking, and liquidity incentives. Members of the Cyber Arena decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) use the token for governance voting involving game designs.

Items rewarded to gamers in Cyber Arena-affiliated Web2 games can be burned and upgraded to minted non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Cyber Arena offers an exciting metaverse experience that combines gaming with crypto rewards. With the launch of its Crypto Arena, investors now have an exciting platform to unleash their emotions while earning rewards through P2E gameplay.



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