CoinShares remains afloat despite heavy FTX losses: Q4 report

By akohad Feb21,2023


While other hedge funds decided to close down operations after being hit by the FTX debacle, some managed to survive and stay afloat after navigating the challenges brought about by the collapse of the exchange. 

In its fourth-quarter report for 2022, institutional crypto fund manager CoinShares highlighted that the firm managed to remain “financially robust” despite dealing with the FTX collapse at the end of the year. The fund also presented its wins, such as its graduation to Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market and strong levels of inflow into CoinShares physical ETPs.

According to CoinShares, more than $31 million worth of assets were stuck in the FTX exchange following its bankruptcy declaration. The fund manager remains unsure if they will ever be able to recover the funds and how much of the assets can potentially be recovered. 

During the quarter, the firm also made the decision to wind down its CoinShares Consumer Platform. The firm wrote:

“Market conditions gave rise to a situation that did not allow us, with our existing capital structure, to support a consumer activity that required significant upfront investment in marketing.”

Within the report, CoinShares CEO Jean-Marie Mognetti also wrote that FTX’s bankruptcy “had a significant impact” on the firm’s capacity to deploy its algorithmic trading platform HAL in Europe. Despite this, Mognetti also wrote that the firm would move into 2023 with clear goals, such as focusing on expanding its digital asset management business and institutional offerings. 

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While CoinShares managed to weather the FTX storm, hedge fund Galois Capital was not as lucky. On Feb. 20, the fund told investors that it was shutting down its operations because of the losses incurred by the FTX collapse. The firm made a decision to give back its remaining funds to its investors and sell off its claims to buyers who are more capable of pursuing bankruptcy claims.