Cardano: Incentivizing Today and Giving Hope for the Future

By akohad Oct31,2022


In life, we are caught up in a myriad of systems. These systems have evolved to manipulate us, control us and get us to do their bidding. These systems can be the obvious ones, such as school, church, work and business, and even family structures.

Not all of this is bad. And again, I said evolved, so that means we, either directly or indirectly, had a part in that evolution. I know most of us are innocent participants but we are still pieces or players in the game, so let’s just call it what it is.

How do these systems manipulate us? They usually have a structure of immediate incentives to get us moving and then they offer some kind of longer term “bonus” or hope to keep us calm, focused (or maybe it’s distracted from the grind?), and this in turn makes us good worker bees. All of this is good for the colony but especially beneficial for the queen bee, right?

Again, all of this isn’t bad. Structure, discipline, coordination of efforts, etc. can create things greater than one could on their own. The problem being that a lot of times the incentives keep us from doing what we really want to do, keep us from our true happiness and fulfillment, and definitely enrich the few at the top.

These incentives, more times than not, are given as money. Ah yes, that proverbial money thing, root of all evil. Well, there is a certain truth to that. But I digress. What if we could dull the sharp edge of the money knife. Make it more palatable. More honest. Less cutting.

I think that is where crypto comes in. It can be given at the edges, micro transactions, rewards, bonuses, immutable, intractable in a good way. All guaranteed by smart contracts and, depending on the crypto, a controlled and concise available supply. No more manipulation. It forces us to become a circular, resource based economy like we should be.

We will collectively start acting better and getting fairly compensated for our actions, contributions, efforts, creations and, even our non-contributions or our choices to not do something. It can be pre-programmed so as not to be infected with self interests.

This requires a robust, secure, smart, scalable, decentralized crypto with a limited lifetime supply. Cardano fits the bill!

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By akohad

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