Bitcoin overcomes Visa and Mastercard as a payment network

By akohad Nov8,2022


Interesting news again this week! First of all bitcoin and Mastercard!

Bitcoin is now the currency network with the most transactions in the world, beating Visa and Mastercard, TOGETHER. Not a simply target, a complete domination. And keep in mind that the on-chain data do not take into consideration the Lightning Network transactions, that are not broadcasted onto the blockchain.

Fidelity launches its service for crypto-trading. Anyway, a lot of people are still saying that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are s**t, so we still have some years ahead until a real Mass Adoption.

Santander Bank Limits transfers towards cryptocurrency exchanges. This for an official reason to keep the customers’ money safe. Don’t they think that limiting bank transactions just increases the efforts of users to find “alternative” ways (more or less legal).

Fun fact: Bitcoin is now less volatile than S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Where is your Volatility God now? Besides, a statistics from Van Eck, showed that already the last year, 22% of the stocks listed into the S&P500 were more volatile than Bitcoin.

MATIC is going to be integrated into Instagram and by JPMorgan. I like the first, I like less the second, but that’s anyway a great news for the volumes expected onto Polygon chain.

Meta to bring NFT minting and trading to Instagram, but it’s going to fire thousands of people. What exactly are they doing?

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By akohad

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