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Bitcoin fell to $19,300, the NFTs I bought have fallen by 80%

A friend asked if he could buy Azuki now, which is really a dilemma.

Azuki’s current floor price is 10ETH, 13k US dollars. Compared with the previous floor price of nearly 40ETH, the price has now dropped by 75%, which is also a relatively low point.

But it’s all relative.

At present, the price of ETH continues to fluctuate, and the entire crypto market is shaking. No one knows what to buy now, is it the bottom? And whether NFT can continue to narrative like BTC, etc., can survive the entire downturn and bear market, I don’t know.

But if you can easily take out 10 ETH, or if you are a true Azuki fan, if you don’t feel bad about the loss, you just want to join the Azuki community and love this series, then there is nothing to say. By the way, Azuki is really great in design!

Azuki’s current floor price is 10ETH

ChuxiaoLian searched all kinds of NFTs purchased by myself and my friends. Most of them have fallen by 80%.

Blue-chip NFTs fell relatively less, such as Takashi Murakami’s CloneX series, which fell by only 61%; some were not so popular, with a drop of more than 91%, such as MURI and Animeta; and the niche series Dipppies, which fell by 99.8%.

Moreover, the price of ETH was more than $2,800 at the time of purchase, and now it is only more than $1,300, which has fallen by half. Buying NFT has to bear double downward pressure.

Some of the purchased NFTs have shrunk severely

The current floor price of NFT BAYC is 77.9ETH, which is more than 100,000 US dollars. Those who can’t afford it still can’t afford it. People who bought with 150ETH before don’t care about the price rise or fall, it’s just an investment or experimental method.
For example, Cai Wensheng, a Chinese Internet tycoon, has 4 BAYC in his wallet, all of which were purchased in the first half of the year. They spent a total of 583 ETH, and the average price is around 145 ETH. Among them, BAYC#8848 was bought at a high price of 187 ETH.

If the floor price is simply calculated, it has already lost 271ETH. According to the current ETH price, it has lost more than $360,000.

The BAYC NFT held by Cai Wensheng

Cai Wensheng also bought a large number of goblin towns in June. There were 53 goblins towns in total. The purchase price ranged from 2 to 15 ETH. The goblin fell by 82%.

Of course, Cai Wensheng is a long-term investor, and NFT is just his attempt in the blockchain and WEB3. Profit and loss are not the main purpose, but exploration and layout are his goals.

Goblin NFT floor price 0.98ETH

There are also invisible friends, and the floor price is now 3ETH. The highest transaction in this series was #1125. At that time, 200 ETH was traded. According to the current decline, it has shrunk by 98.5%.

The owner of invisible friend #1125 wallet also holds blue-chip NFTs of Azuki, doodle, moonbirds and other series, and many of them have offered the highest price in the series.

For example, Azuki#9605, which traded 420.7ETH at that time, was the highest transaction in the Azuki series, and now it has shrunk by 97.5%.

There is also Dippies, which sold the highest price of 22.22ETH in the series at that time, and now the floor price is 0.035ETH, a drop of 99.8%, almost zero.

On the whole, blue chips are more resilient, and some series fell directly to zero.

Invisible friend #1125 last traded 200ETH

Some people say that only project co-builders and long-term holders have the opportunity to obtain huge returns. Players in the short-term and mid-range may earn a small amount of income, but cannot enjoy the long-term value of the project.

There are two endings for long-term holders, either the rewards are huge, or the experience is zero.

Going back to the beginning, it is still not clear whether it is a good time to buy NFTs.

There are some art creators, allin NFT, who think they can create great achievements in this market; some short-term players just want to find a project that takes off quickly and leave the field quickly after finishing the wool, and will not accompany the project to grow; and some Players hope to build projects together, create and open up new markets through community power.

Turnover series top1 Azuki9605 and Dippie8321

These are all exploration methods. If new players really want to buy an NFT to feel it, they can choose a relatively reliable project according to their own strength.

If you have spare ETH, it is also good to buy a few NFTs. If the NFT narrative continues to the next bull market, you may gain dozens of times the opportunity.

If the amount of ETH is limited, it is better to give up the uncertainty, keep the wallet balance in the bear market, and wait for the next cycle to take off.

The above is just my personal opinion, no investment advice. I’m ChuxiaoLian, and I’m following the metaverse and web3.

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