Bitcoin Doesn’t Need Kanye West, But Ye Needs Bitcoin


This is an opinion editorial by Jacob Kozhipatt, a YouTuber and writer.

One of the world’s most prominent celebrities and cultural influences, Ye — formerly Kanye West — recently publicly showed support for bitcoin. Ye wore a custom-knitted hat embroidered with the anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s name on it days after JPMorgan Chase & Co. canceled the music icon’s account.

Many in the Bitcoin community point to his financial cancellation as to why bitcoin matters. While Ye’s remarks have been interpreted as anti-semetic and many were offended, they were not illegal — so it could be argued that it is unfair to unbank him. However, as JPMorgan is a commercial company, not a government entity, it is within their rights to not serve the artist. Thus, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Ye may see the value of the decentralized financial system bitcoin provides.


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