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Bang Defense First Impressions

First of all, I came across this track from the awesome Dua Lipa which I have in my head when I think of playing this game because of the avatars!

Here is an awesome slowed and reverbed version. So hit play while I tell you about this great game that I have discovered.


It is a shoot ’em up in the style of a 2d scroller where you control a pistol and take out the bad guys. It is an addictive game and it is very satisfying to take out the bad guys. You need to try and judge your shots correctly in order to take them out on the map.


It is brought to you by the guys behind the HashKings games stable and they seem to like coding blockchain games. It is so far only in the beta version so you can only play this so far, but there are some levels and various baddies that you can kill in the game.

According to the litepaper, it will be built around players owning various NFTs for use in the game such as avatar skins.

It was enjoyable to play and I am interested to see what will come out of it and how the tokenomics will work.


Title image created by myself in canva using image [source].(https://pixabay.com/de/illustrations/pistole-m9-waffe-silhouette-555656/)
Screenshots are taken from the game website as indicated source.
The linked video is not owned by me, I am sharing just the link to the copyright owner’s video. No copyright infringement is intended.
Used under fair-use section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976.

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